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    Wordpress Toolkit error “You do not have the feature “redirects””

    If you are getting below error while performing few functions then it means Wordpress toolkit requires few cpanel features, you can check them: WordPress Toolkit MySQL Subdomains MIME Types Cronjobs Directory Privacy Password & Security File Manager Redirects You can enable all the options in...
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    Missing pages while Wordpress Toolkit cloning

    If you have used Wordpress Toolkit cloning function then you have noticed that some of the pages are missing after completing the clone process. Sometimes pages are saved under wp-post tables and you will find option under database section, in which there is, checkbox to exclude cloning process...
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    Wordpress is not using PHP version and custom ini settings in cpanel

    If you are getting issue in Wordpress Toolkit like you are not able to update PHP version and custom PHP settings then the reason behind this issue is “Security check’ option. In Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe there is a feature available “Security check”. This feature provides several options like...
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    Is it possible to manage Wordpress Toolkit via command-line?

    We can easily manage Wordpress Toolkit with wp-toolkit command, we can run commands in Terminal but we need root access. # which wp-toolkit /usr/local/bin/wp-toolkit If you want to know all the options of wp-toolkit then you can use below command for help: wp-toolkit --help You can check the...
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    How to find clone data location store by Wordpress Toolkit?

    You will find the clone data of your Wordpress website in installation path, but its available in hidden directory with ".wp-toolkit_X". Here X represents a variable which ensures that directory has unique name. You can check below example: /home/user/public_html/.wp-toolkit_z
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    Can we do Multisite cloning in Wordpress Toolkit?

    In Wordpress Toolkit we cannot do multisite Wordpress installation, but if you tried to attempt multisite cloning then you will get below output: "Cpanel LIVE Site" was cloned with errors Unable to clone remote WordPress instance #1 ('http://www.domain.com' at server 'localhost'): cloning of...
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    How to check Wordpress installation is redirecting or not?

    If you want to check that wordpress is redirecting your website to another location then you can follow below steps: Login to your SSH as a root user. After that run below command: curl -IL http://cp-domain.com You will get the below output: # curl -IL cp-domain.com HTTP/1.1 301 Moved...
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    Steps to install Wordpress Toolkit via command line

    In this article you can check steps to install Wordpress Toolkit with command line. For this itis must to have root access of server. Login to server via SSH. You have to run below command: sh <(curl https://wp-toolkit.plesk.com/cPanel/installer.sh || wget -O -...
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    Steps to update Wordpress Toolkit via command line

    Wordpress toolkit is an interface which helps to manage Wordpress websites. You can check below steps to update Wordpress toolkit to latest server: First you have to check that Wordpress Toolkit is installed on server or not.For this you can use below command: rpm -qa|grep wp-toolkit You...
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    Steps to change automatic update settings in wordpress Toolkit

    If you are using Wordpress toolkit and want to disable automatic update for it then you can follow below steps: You have to login to cpanel and then click on “Wordpress Toolkit” or you can login to WHM and then click on Plugins >> Wordpress Toolkit. Here you have to search for particular...
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    How can we add wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel?

    You can check below steps to add Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel Login to WHM. After that click on ”Feature Manager” under “Plugins”. Here you have to click on “Edit feature list”. Now you have to edit the feature list in the package for which you want to enable Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe. You...
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    Steps to detach Wordpress installation from wordpress toolkit

    You can follow below steps for it: Login to WHM. Here navigate to “Plugins” and then go to “Wordpress Toolkit”. You will find the “default” tab which is available to the right of the domain name, there are three dots available, and you have to click on it. Select the option “Detach” from menu.
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    How to fix the cleaning process of WordPress Meta Data?

    Do you know the process of getting information other elements of data? Metadata is the right choice! Either it is related to the document, website or file; you can get more from Metadata. Apart from this, metadata gives more info regarding size and format too! If Metadata grows with more size...
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    Creation of Customized 404 WordPress Error Page

    Website hint is one of the important tasks for website owners! They must maintain their website as well as their visitors for good growth and wealth. If the visitor doesn’t get enough information from the website then it's not sure that they will be visiting us again. So, you need to worry if...
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    Multisite network of WordPress implementation on domain mapping

    WordPress Multisite is one of the best features of WordPress, allowing you to manage all of your sites from a single WordPress installation. Also, it features a domain mapping functionality that maps a domain to each subsite of a multisite. If this is the case, then a...
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    A Complete Guide to Changing the Default Gravatar in WordPress

    Many people prefer to change their default Gravatar to their own liking. This personalize the content section and make it look branded. In this article, learn how you can change the default Gravatar in WordPress to your own default image. Why Change Your Default Gravatar? Gravatar allows to...
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    How will you Add WordPress Navigation Menu Certain Post?

    It is impossible to believe that WordPress is an extraordinary platform to customize the menus. You can add posts, links, categories, pages, and a lot of things. The navigation menu is nothing but a link list which is important in the overall website. You can even say it as a menu such as about...
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    Adding Custom Code to Footer and Header of a Website in WordPress: A Complete Guide

    WordPress is a great tool to build your website. And at times, you’ll be adding codes to it to enhance its functionalities. Most people, especially those not familiar with coding, find it uneasy to add the codes. That because there’s a risk of completely messing up your website if added to a...
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    How to enable comments for the guests?

    If you want that your websites guest’s which means users who are not registered yet can comments on your post then you can enable or disable this in Wordpress. For the secure Wordpress website we always recommend disabling this option but if you want to enable you can follow this: Login to...
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    Steps to edit the Wordpress comments

    If you want to edit the Wordpress comments then you have to follow few steps: Login to Wordpress dashboard. Here you will find “Comments” option, you have to click on it. In comments you can click on "Edit" to edit the comment.