Way to add a PDF viewer in WordPress!

Way to add a PDF viewer in WordPress!

Figuring out the layout in the same structure and usability is very important. In that case, PDF is the most relevantly searched application to view files in a good format. You don’t have the option to embed PDF in WordPress but you can embed all other activities like media, tweets, video, and audio, especially into a blog post.

You can perform only the downloadable option but it's not possible to embed the PDF in WordPress. Once they click on the downloadable link then they will go out from your post to see the PDF files. So, there is not possible for the customer to stay in your blog post for more than a certain period. You can even say it as a diversion.

It's your responsibility to not allow users to go out from your blog post. Your user is not engaged so, that no proper page views to your website. Most probably, you can deliver a way to get content as a bonus by asking the users to join in your email listing. But not sure, if your users will still find a way to get engaged in WordPress.

Better go for adding a PDF viewer in your WordPress. We recommend you to use a PDF viewer such as PDF Embedder. To embed the file, JavaScript works here to zoom your PDF files and so, it's easy to have navigation.

Step 1: Go to the section “Plugin” and then start installing “PDF Embedder”. Don’t forget to activate the Plugin. Next, go to “Settings” and then configure the settings of the plugin.

You can ask “Why do we need to configure the settings?” It’s because of the width and height of the PDF viewer. Sometimes, it may be narrow or wide, so based on your requirement you can make the decision. Setting up the toolbar at the bottom or top is your choice. The recent version of premium has more advantages such as file download tracking, links that are clickable, page scroll continuous, and buttons for downloads. After customization, apply all the changes made till now by tapping on the “Save Changes” button.

Step 2: By now, you can embed the PDF files in your post or pages in WordPress. It is entirely based upon the classic or block editor. Here, we are discussing two methodologies to add PDF files in WordPress block editor and classic editor.

Block editor PDF files addition:

Step 1:
Move the cursor where the PDF files are to be embedded. Then tap on the button “+” to add the block which is the present left side.

Step 2: Now, under the section of “Text” start tapping on PDF Embedder. Once you complete all the processes, start uploading the PDF files from the media library. It gives a detailed statement such as “click here to open media library to select PDF”.

It helps to redirect to the media library but before that check whether you had PDF files in the media library or not. If not, download it in the media library and just drag the file to the place where PDF files are to be embedded. Just by tapping on the button “Select button” you can easily upload and select. You cannot see the preview of PDF files instead you can view only the link. Do post save and then check the PDF files on your live website.

Classic Editor PDF Files addition:

Step 1:
Move the cursor where you want to add the PDF files. Just drag the file from the media library. The PDF file will now get uploaded to WordPress automatically. Now, tap on the button “Insert into post”. PDF embedder looks like [pdf-embedder url="PDFURL"]. It helps to publish or preview the PDF files.

GO to your website and check how the PDF files display on your website.

Over! Easy to track all the steps for adding PDF files in WordPress.
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