Disabling New User Notifications: A Complete Guide for WordPress Website

Disabling New User Notifications: A Complete Guide for WordPress Website

WordPress, by default, sends a notification email when someone signs up on your website. It’s a handy way to stay updated on when users are joining hands with your brand. But there are times when this can get overwhelming.

For example, if you’re seeing dozens of registrations per day, thee new user notifications can get annoying. In such cases, you may have to disable the new user notification emails. This way, you can keep your admin email clutter-free.

In this article, learn the steps you need to follow for disabling new user notification for your WordPress website.

Disabling New User Notification: Step by Step

To stop receiving the notifications, you’d need to use the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It’s a freemium plugin used for managing emails and deliverability.

So start using it, you need to install the plugin and activate it. Then, go to the WP Mail SMTP official website and purchase a paid plan. Don’t forget to grab the license key which you’d need to unlock pro features like . Then follow these steps:
  • Navigate to WP Mail SMTP > Settings
  • Provide the license key and click on Verify Key
  • Next navigate to the Email Controls tab
  • Scroll down till you come across the New User section where you need to disable the ‘Create (Admin)’ toggle
  • Click on Save Settings
Now as an admin, you will not get any emails. However, the user who signs up will still receive the welcome email.

So that’s how you disable new user notification emails in WordPress.
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