Do you want to display announcements in a WordPress blog?

Do you want to display announcements in a WordPress blog?

It may be a website or WordPress; you want to give a big announcement to your viewers, right? You can do it with easy options. Displaying the announcement may be a tough task but, in this article, we have deliberated in a quiet manner.

To boost the conversion and mind the user's attention, you have to display announcements in the WordPress blog. It is mostly used for redirection, discounts, and news to users. On top of the floating bar, you can see some news displayed to get user attention. It’s because of the position and eyesight attraction. It may be on the bottom or top but exactly with the full width of the page.

Here, we are two methods such as:

Method 1: OptinMonster Plugin Role

Step 1:
We recommend you use the plugin called “OptinMonster” where you can see the rules for getting powerful displays. You can use the free account to use it further.

Step 2: Do installation of the plugin “OptinMonster” and then activate it without fail. Now, you can get the link between the account and the website with the help of the installed plugin.

Step 3: Go to “OptinMonster” and then click on the page “Settings”. Now, tap on “create new account” or “use the existing account”.

Step 4: For connecting the WordPress website with the account kindly react to the pop-up window you get.

Step 5: You can start the campaign after reacting to the popup window. From OpinMonster, go to the page “Campaign” and then tap on the button “add new”.

Step 6: Choose the type of campaign which should have gamified campaigns, slide-in, Fullscreen, inline options, and floating bars.

Step 7: Here, we are choosing the option “Floating bar” and then below you can see the templates. Choose the one you need.

Step 8: Enter the name of the campaign and then tap on the button “Start Building”. Now, you can see the preview of the campaign on the right side.

Step 9: To delete or edit, do some changes in the preview if want. By clicking the “Add blocks button”, you can add the elements newly.

Once the design is over, go to the tab “Publish” and then change the status to “Publish”.

Save all your settings further and proceed it for next step. Again, change the status of visibility into Published and then tap on the button “save”.

Method 2: Notibar Usage:

Step 1:
First install the plugin “Notibar” which helps to launch a live preview with theme customizer.

Step 2: Just go to the tab “General Options” for selecting the button, width, and position.

Step 3:Again go to the tab “Content Options” and then start entering the content for visibility. In the case of mobile, you can add the content of your choice.

Step 4: Again, go to the option “Style” and choose the font size if want.

Step 5: At last, go to the tab “Display options”. From there, you can hide or show the content bar.

If you don’t want to show means you can click on the hide option. After completing the work, tap on the button “Publish” and then start saving the changes one by one.

Check the campaign created is visible in your WordPress blog!

That’s all!
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