Complete Guide to Resending Welcome Email in WordPress

Complete Guide to Resending Welcome Email in WordPress

A welcome email essentially greets a new user who signs up on your website or for the newsletter. It creates trust and authenticity in the most simplest way. However, there are times when it can end up in the spam folder, since they are receiving your emails for the very first time.

In such cases, it’s necessary to resend the welcome email so they open and read it. In this article, learn how you can resent the new user welcome email in WordPress.

To resend welcome emails, you’d need to do two things:
  • Set up email logs
  • Check the emails that didn’t reach the user and resend
Email logs allow you to track email deliverability. With this, you can see which emails failed to reach the inboxes of your users.

For this, you need to use a SMTP service plugin for WordPress. One of the best options is the WP Mail SMTP. It works alongside popular email service providers like Gmail and Sendinblue and allows you to work with emails directly from WordPress.

To work with this plugin, you need to get the pro version of it. So visit WP Mail SMTP website and sign up for a paid version. Make sure to grab the license key.

Then, head back to your WordPress panel and install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Then follow the following steps:
  • Visit WP Mail SMTP > Settings
  • Enter the license key at the required place and click on the Verify Key button
  • Scroll down to the Mailer section and select your preferred mailer. PHP is the default option but you can set it to SendGrid, Gmail, Amazon AWS, Zoho Mail, etc
  • Open the Email Log tab and click the Enable Log checkbox. Doing so will open up additional options that you need to set
  • So you need to checkbox for Log Email Content, Save Attachments, Click Link Tracking, and Open Email Tracking. These will provide more information regarding email deliverability
  • Lastly, select the time period for which you want to have the email logs in the Log Retained Period drop-down option.
  • Click on Save Changes
Now the first part of the process is done. Time to begin the second part: check the emails in the email log and resend the ones that bounced for some reason. Here are the steps for that:
  • Visit WP Mail SMTP > Email Log
  • You’ll see all the emails that were send to users along with their deliverability and whether the users opened the emails. Red dot confirms that the mail wasn’t delivered while a green dot confirms the opposite
  • Click on View Log on the emails with the red dot
  • Go to the Actions tab
  • Click on Resend
  • Confirm in the pop-up window that you want to resend the email and click on Yes
  • To bulk send the emails that didn’t got delivered, click on the checkbox next to those emails
  • Open the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and click on Resend
  • Again, confirm in the pop-up window by clicking on Yes
Now the SMTP plugin will send those emails one by one. If they are successfully delivered, the red dot status will change to green.

So that’s how you resend welcome emails (or any other emails) in WordPress.
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