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    How to view user's cPanel/WHM activities from the WHM root?

    With the increasing competition, deep research and understanding of the audience are essential for growing your website. Analysing the audience's behaviour and tracking users’ activities will help the website to grow faster. Today, in this article, we have described the steps by which you can...
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    Backup using WHM backup feature

    You can follow below steps: Login to WHM. Here click on “Backup” and then “Configure Backup”. Now you can enable the Backup Configuration files option. On the Configure Backup page “Enabled” the Backup Configuration Files option. These are the steps to take backup via WHM backup feature.
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    How to locate NGINX manager in WHM?

    Normally, NGINX manager located in WHM: Login to WHM. Here go to “NGINX Manager” under “Software”. You can perform all below tasks in NGINX manager: Install or uninstall NGINX on server. You can also clear NGINX cache on server for particular user or for all users. You can also enable or...
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    Resolve error “Excessive resource usage”, getting notification

    You will get these notification from ConfigServer LFD, if you want to change resource usage limits then you can change it by using the PT_USERMEM and PT_USERTIME settings in WHM. Let’s check steps for settings: Login to WHM >> Plugins >> ConfigServer Security & Firewall >> Firewall...
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    How to check backup of account in JetBackup removed from WHM?

    In Jetbackup we can say the “Orphan” account which we have removed from cpanel and WHM. The orphaned account will remain till 14 days on server by default. We can also update Jetbackup settings and update the time according to our need. Here you will find “Delete orphan backups older than”...
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    Steps to install PHP extension in WHM

    You can follow below steps to install PHP extension in WHM: Login to WHM. Here click on “EasyApache 4” under “Software”. A new window will appear, here you have to click on “Customize” under “Currently installed Packages” section. Now click on “PHP Extensions”. You will see the search bar where...
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    Steps to change the language in WHM

    You can follow below steps to change language in WHM: Login to WHM. Click on “Tweak Settings” under “Server Configuration”. Here you will find “System” tab, you have to find “Server Locale” option by scrolling. And select new language from dropdown menu. At last click on “Save” button.
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    How can we add IP address in WHM?

    You can add additional IP address in WHM if you have dedicated or VPS server. Login to WHM. Click on “Add a new IP address” under “IP Functions”. Here you have to enter new IP address and subnet too.
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    How to delete trash contents automatically in WHM?

    As an admin if you want that content from cpanel user’s trash automatically delete then you can follow below steps: Login to WHM. Search “Tweak settings” in WHM search bar and click on it. Now you will get option "Age, in days, of content to purge from users’ File Manager Trash", select it and...
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    How to check number of account reseller is using currently?

    You can check below steps to check number of accounts reseller Login to WHM. Now you will find option “View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status”, click on it. Select particular reseller and click on “Submit”. Here you can check all the details about reseller, number of accounts created by...
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    Steps to enable shell access through WHM

    Manage shell access from WHM Many of them knows SSH as remote server accessor. Simply, SSH is abbreviated as shell access commonly. Once if the shell access is enabled, you can connect the server remotely in one command line. This is meant only for creation period since if the users want to...
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    How to secure your server via WHM?

    Secure your server via WHM first login to your WHM. Login to WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings and then disable below options. After that go to WHM >> Security >> Manage Wheel Group Users Disable all the Anonymous FTP through : WHM >> Service Configuration >> FTP...
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    How to enable or disable Advanced DNS editor in WHM ?

    In this article we will learn to enable or disable Advanced DNS editor in WHM. This is quite easy and simple and mostly all people knows who are in Web hosting business and also who are using web services as reseller too. But, for a newbie in web hosting it is quite hard to find this option. So...
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    [SOLVED] Error cPanel "Your IP address has changed. Please log in again".

    Error cPanel "Your IP address has changed. Please log in again" This error occurs when your IP address chnaged while you logged into your cPanel control panel. There must be two possibilities behind this error messgae. 1). Either, Your Internet Servive Provider (ISP) has a short DHCP lease...
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    Error "unable to establish a php session" in cPanel PhpMyAdmin.

    Have you ever faced this error while accessing PhpMyAdmin in cPanlel ? "Access Denied Unable to establish a PHP session. If you believe that this is in error or inadvertent, contact your system administrator and ask them to review your server settings." Well, we have the solution for this error...
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    Some Useful LSOF commands

    LSOF commands LSOF is the short form of "LiSt Open Files". It is a command line utility which is used to list the information about the files that are opened by various processes. In unix, everything is considered as a file, ( pipes, sockets, directories, devices, etc.). So by using lsof, you...
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    How to install imagemagick on a cPanel server ?

    What is ImageMagick ? It's a software suite which allows image manipulation and can read and write images in a various formats (over 100) including JPEG-2000, DPX, GIF, EXR, JPEG, PDF, PNG, Postscript, SVG, and TIFF. ImageMagick is a software suite which facilitates the ability to create, edit...
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    How to check PHP handler in cPanel/WHM ?

    PHP handler : A PHP handler defines the method that Apache uses to communicate back and forth with PHP scripts. A php handler loads the php modules and that determines how the php pages loaded on the server. Different types of available PHP handlers are suPHP, DSO, CGI FastCGI. On Linux server...
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    Useful CSF commands for Linux Servers

    CSF(Config Server Firewall):- CSF(Config Server Firewall) is a Firewall application which is mostly use by Linux server. It provide various options to control and manage Linux server Firewall through commandline and control panel. CSF configures linux server firewall to manage access to FTP...
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    Maldet (LMD) commands and examples.

    Maldet (Linux Malware Detect):- Maldet is a malware detector which is mainly used in Linux based servers. It uses threat data from network edge intrusion detection systems to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks and generates signatures for detection. It will be very useful...