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    Will you use cPanel for encrypting email?

    Well! Email encryption works for you to protect your messages from being sent to unauthorized people. You would often hear the word “public key” which plays important role in encrypting the messages. This public key secures the messages and the recipient would decrypt them using the private...
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    Steps to fix PHPPgAdmin cPanel Login Issues

    Whenever user access PostgreSQL databases then its privileges are set in cpanel account and if user doesn’t going to visit then phppgadmin will not work. Also you have to check cpanel password for space as its going to creating the issue in psql/phpPGadmin. There is solution to resolve this...
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    Wordpress is not using PHP version and custom ini settings in cpanel

    If you are getting issue in Wordpress Toolkit like you are not able to update PHP version and custom PHP settings then the reason behind this issue is “Security check’ option. In Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe there is a feature available “Security check”. This feature provides several options like...
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    Database Error Connection Failed in RoundCube cPanel

    RoundCube is a client based on Web IMAP and that is very easy to install & configure. RoundCube is open-source and free software that is subject to General Public License that except plugins and skins. The main feature of Roundcube is that all data are stored in the database and it does have the...
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    How can we add wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel?

    You can check below steps to add Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel Login to WHM. After that click on ”Feature Manager” under “Plugins”. Here you have to click on “Edit feature list”. Now you have to edit the feature list in the package for which you want to enable Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe. You...
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    How to fix cPanel corrupted files of user data?

    You may come across the situation to fix the corrupted user data files in cPanel. It would happen more while operating or migrating the account of cPanel. Using the HTTP.conf server file, you can easily handle the situation to get back your user data from the corrupted mode. In this article...
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    How to remove the WHMCS Billing & Support section in cPanel?

    You can check below steps to remove WHMCS Billing & Support section in cpanel. For this you can move particular user directory from this path /var/cpanel/integration/dynamicui/ You have to move desired user directory to /root/whmcs_dynamicui_backup with below command: mkdir -v...
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    Steps to enable two factor authentication

    First you have to install authentication app in your smart phone or tablet. You can use any app like Microsoft authenticator or Google authenticator. You can easily download the apps from Google play Android. After that you have to login to cpanel. And click on “Two-Factor Authentication” under...
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    How can we use Patchman in cpanel?

    Patchman provide security to our CMS like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. It’s malware detection and patching tool which helps to secure website from cybercriminals activity. This tool automatically detects vulnerabilities and update user and if user does not do anything then it patches the...
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    Steps to change primary language in cpanel

    You can follow below steps to change primary language in cpanel: Login to cpanel. Here navigate to Preferences section and click on “Change Language”. Select your desired language and then click on “Change”. Now check your cpanel you can see the updated language in cpanel.
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    Steps to install Wordpress through Softaculous

    We always install wordpress manually but its little bit time consuming, cpanel provides an option to install all the applications easily. We can use softaculous Apps installer to install wordpress in cpanel. You can install your application with one click. You can follow below steps: Login to...
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    Steps to install phpBB

    PhpBB is a platform to connect small or large group of people. PhpBB is a open source bulletin board system which is mostly used worldwide. You can follow below steps to install phpBB: Login to cpanel. Click on “Softaculous Apps Installer” under “Software” section. Now you have to search for...
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    How can we check ModSecurity logs in cpanel?

    ModSecurity is an Apache module which provides protection to your website and stop hackers activity. In ModSecurity there are set of rules available which helps to filter the exploits. If you want to check logs in cpanel then you can follow below steps: Log in cpanel. Here under “Metrics”...
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    How to use cPanel for changing the email address of WordPress from phpMyAdmin?

    Have you ever heard of deactivating your email address as a login method? In nearly every WordPress security tutorial, a WordPress expert will emphasize the danger of signing in using an email address. You can only use your username if you've applied. Your WordPress website's email address may...
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    How to check error logs in cpanel?

    You can check below steps to check error logs : Login to cpanel. Click on “File Manager” under “Files” section. Now open the website folder like public_html and here you will find log file with name error_log.
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    Steps to start site builder in cpanel

    Site Builder helps in creation of website and you just have to use drag and drop tool to create website. This software is free and provided by shared or reseller hosting owners. You can follow below steps to start it: Login to cpanel. Under “Software” section click on “Site Builder” option...
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    How to restore deleted files from cpanel?

    To restore file first you have to leave the checkbox unchecked while deleting file “Skip the trash and permanently delete the files". If you will leave this box uncheck then you can restore your deleted file from cpanel. You can follow below steps restore files: Login to cpanel. Click on “File...
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    Usage of cPanel for updating plugins of WordPress manually

    You would have known about the website hack right! It’s a solid convention of spam or bots which vulnerably activated in the old version of plugins. So, it’s a must for you to update the old version of the plugin into a new version at regular intervals. Because of one plugin, your whole...
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    cPanel site publisher usage

    There are more types of website in the market like full website with multiple pages, minimum added pages and one-page website. This one-page website is meant for displaying some messages like website under maintenance or coming soon. You would have done domain purchase and getting ready for a...
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    A Complete Guide to Recovering a Mailbox from a Full cPanel Backup

    You recover a cPanel backup when the email account gets corrupted or data goes missing. You’d also make use of the backup file if you’re moving to a new host. Either way, the process of recovering a mailbox from a full cPanel backup involves multiple steps. First, you’d have to extract the...