cPanel site publisher usage

cPanel site publisher usage

There are more types of website in the market like full website with multiple pages, minimum added pages and one-page website. This one-page website is meant for displaying some messages like website under maintenance or coming soon. You would have done domain purchase and getting ready for a website hosting account. One advantage over here is cPanel site publisher to start your career!

Step 1: Go to cPanel and log in with credentials. Tap on the section “Domain” and then choose the icon or link “site publisher”.

Step 2: By default, if you have only one website it is selected automatically. If there are more files then you will receive the message as “This domain directory contains other files”.

Step 3: Whatever the file overwrites, the site publisher takes the responsibility to backup. By selecting the domain, you will show up with multiple templates. Select the template on your choice and requirement!

Step 4: By now, you can start work on customization to fill all the mentioned details one by one. If you left any field without filling it won’t be shown on the website. So, don’t worry if you don’t have any details.

Step 5: Tap on the button “Publish”. If files present already, you will get a warning message before tapping on the button “Publish”.

Simultaneously, the site publisher takes backups continuously without non-stop.

Step 6: The page is displayed on your website now. If the process is for a registered domain newly then you need to wait for propagation on DNS.

How to correct site publisher page?

Step 1:
In your cPanel, go to the section “Domain” and then select the icon or tap on the link “Site publisher”.

Step 2: Go to the section “Select a domain” and then choose the domain for site publisher which it uses. You will be notified with the template already chosen.

Step 3: You can make changes over here to add any information. Once done, tap on the button “Publish”.

How to remove site publisher files?

Step 1:
In your cPanel, go to section “Domain” and then choose icon or link “Site publisher”.

Step 2: Go the section “Select domain” and then tap on the icon or link “Website directory”.

You can see two options and it has multiple usages such as:

Directory deletion:
assets copyright and images.

File deletion: index.html, license.txt and sitemap.xml

If you want to delete the directory or file then select the requirement and right-click on it to delete. After the file or directory deletion, you can still see the information as site publisher.

Don’t worry! It won’t give you any problem!

To delete the .json file just go to cPanel file manager and then open the directory path /site_publisher/configurations for deletion.

As said, the site publisher will backup continuously! To download the file, go for the directory /backup and just do right click on .tar.gz file. Tap on the icon or link “Download”.

That’s it! It won’t give you any error or trouble while working on the cPanel site publisher.
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