Why PerconaDB is better than MySql and how to replace MySql with PerconaDB on cPanel Server

Why PerconaDB is better than MySql and how to replace MySql with PerconaDB on cPanel Server


As MySql 5.5 and its old versions are not so fast and not much consistent. percona is now taking place of MySql due to its better speed and consistency . Some of the drawbacks which we find while using MySql is unable to load large size database and it has a poor control on transaction and less stable. Besides this lower version of MySql also having problem with supporting of ROLE, COMMIT. But percona now is a powerful tool and overcome these problems of MySql . it is very reliable and stable than MySql. It is very fast in query searching and loading. Even it is not having much problems with dealing of large database files. perconaDB has a outstanding capacity with server consolidation . It is very flexible with multiple database and now a days facebook, twitter , google , business, govt. institutions schools architect industries are using it due to its amazing features. It is also compatible with mariaDB. Replacing your MySql with percona will save your time and energy. Percona is a stable high speed server and also supports php4 and php5.

Steps For Replacing MySql with perconaDB:

Step 1: First you should need to backup your files to avoid any bad experience on replacing MySql.

Step 2: Uninstall the MySql so that It is no longer supported by cPanel.

scripts/update_local_rpm_versions---- edit target_settings.MySql55

Step 3: After this create the yum repo and delete the php from its configuration files.

Step 4: Now again write php and install percona server.

Apt-get install pecona-server-server-5.5

Using percona you can save money on hosting. You can create a online back up your files. PerconaDB is very easy to handle and much tunable. It is well developed and optimized SQL server. If you want to save your precious time and do not want to take the headache of large databases, I will advise you to replace MySql with Percona.
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