Define different commands to check the RDNS entry for your IP Address

commands to check the RDNS entry for your IP Address

  1. Jaishree

    RDNS is actually an abbreviation Reverse-domain of name system. The main working steps of the RDNS has been just and quite opposite to the simple DNS, it is the name domain system. RDNS is actually a pointer that records the entries which helps them to search out one of the best host name which is associated in IP addresses. It is considered as the best ways to presents the good genuinity to the server on a public network. It would be far better for you to select and set this RDNS or reverse domain number system properly to just avoid the mails which you are receiving to the spam folder in the recipient.

    You can easily search out entry of RDNS of the IP address which is using the diverse command from the command line. Below are some of the common examples which are actually illustrated in the commands host, dig and nslookup. Reverse database of the DNS of the web is mainly routed in an address and also in the arpa, it is also a high level of domain on the web. The ipv4 mainly uses and requires the in – addr, domain arpa and also ip6. Domain arpa is almost delegated to the ipv6. Pointer DNS type record or the PTR record is mainly the process of the reverse resolving.

    Methods of finding RDNS:

    To search out these RDNS entry you can easily use these commands which are given below.



    host- IP. Address


    host 74. 125. 224. 150

    150. 224. 125. 74. in - addr . arpa domain name lax 02 s 20 in the f22. 1e100. net.



    nslookup IP. Address


    nslookup 74. 125. 224. 150

    150. 224. 125. 74. in - addr. Arpa and the name = lax 02 s20 . 1e 100 . net.



    dig- x IP. Address


    dig- x 74. 125. 224. 150+ short

    Lax 02 s 20 - in - f22 . 1e 100. net.