What is DNF and why was YUM replaced with DNF

What is DNF and why was YUM replaced with DNF


Dandified Yum or the DNF is the advanced generation version of the popular Yellowdog updater which has modified Yum. DNF was actually introduced and launched in the Fedora 18 and it is also a default package manager of the Fedora since the version 22. Many perceived deficiencies which the DNF has it ended mainly to address the poor performance, the slow memory use and also the slowness in the iterative solutions. DNF mainly uses the libsolv for the external dependency resolver.

Package management is mainly done by the DNF by using the RPM, Hawkey libraries and the libsolv. For the package download and the metadata handling it uses the librepo and to run and process the comps data it mainly uses the lincomps.

Why was Yum replaced with the DNF:

If you are the Fan of Fedora and you also upgraded to the release 22 then you might also have noticed that there is a major change made under the hood. Yum, package manager the most familiar and longstanding is now gone. In the place of the Yum, the more powerful and much more intelligent Dandified Yum has taken place. Let’s take a bright look that why this happened? Before beginning upward you have to understand the changes which have made, but you will only know them when you have ever touched the command line if you haven’t then you will not see any difference.

The GUI Front remains the same as it was. Instead of seeing the list of dependencies, you will first watch out a friendly warning and after that, the package will be installed as per normal. This is mainly done to make transit easier for the end users. Almost, but not every function of Yum has made the easy transition, although it is the aim of the DNF creators to get every and each Yum plugin in a running working order but it is not yet ready for the prime duration.
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