What is Leech protection and how to use it in cPanel

What is Leech protection and how to use it in cPanel

Leech Protection:

Leech protect is a standard security mechanism in cPanel. In case, a user is publically posted username or password in restricted area of your website and a threat is occurred in your website so, leech protect provide a feature to restrict that user from website by doing same thing. You can also prevents that user who is trying to access another accounts using correct username and via applying multiple password. This is also preventing that user who is trying to multiple login within a short time span. Leech protect provides a feature limiting the time for users who can access the secure area of your website. Leech protect gives two hours for a user to access secure area. If a user crosses the limit then it provides feature to redirects the user to another url and disable their account via sending an alert e-mail.

Steps to setup Leech Protect for Domain Name:

For setup the leech protect for your domain name follows the following steps

Step 1: login to cPanel you see a “Leech Protect” option into security section.

Step 2:click the “Leech protect” option then a new window is appeared. And then select a domain that you have added previously.

Step 3: when you click on “ok” button then a new window will be appeared where you can select a folder that you want to protect.

Step 4: when you select a folder then a window will appeared where you select the permissions that you want. You can also set the limit of number of login that can access secured area within two hours.

Steps to enable Leech Protect for Directory:

Step 1: login into cPanel. You see the “leech protect” option and click on it.

Steps 2: select the directory that you want to protect.

Step 3: when you select the directory a window will appeared. You can set the permission that you want to login within two hours period time under the Set up leech protection option.

Step 4: write the redirected url for that users who trying to login after limit when account is comprised for that user.

Step 5: when an account is compromised then for sending alert massage on their e-mail address select the send E-mail alert to option.

Step 6: for disable compromised account click on Disable Compromised account option.

Step 7: Click on Enable option.

Steps to disable Leech Protect for directory:

Step 1: login into cPanel and click the “Leech protect” option that is in security section of cPanel.

Step 2: Click on the directory on which you want to disable leech protection.

Step 3: Click on disable option under disable protection.
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