What is cPHulk brute force protection service in cPanel Service and how to disable it

What is cPHulk brute force protection service in cPanel Service and how to disable it

cPhulk Brute Force Protection:

cPhulk is a security function that is observed in cPanel based on Linux system. Passwords are the special features to access a website or a server. For security reasons passwords are saved in encrypted forms. Brute force attack is a technique which decodes an encrypted password systematically. It makes all possible combinations by taking all alpha numeric keys. When a brute force attack is applied to crack a password then it tries all combinations until the password is cracked. Or in other words we can say brute force is a hit and trial method to crack an encrypt data such as password which works by taking together all alpha numeric keys. Brute force is very effective in that case where passwords are often short. But if passwords are long then it requires a lot of time to generate and hence in this situation dictionary attack is effective.

cPhulk provides facility to prevent from brute force attack that is known as cPhulk brute force protection. If it is getting too many incorrect login attempts by an ip on a server, it blocks that IP automatically. Also it provides the vital information about the hacking attempts. So by enabling cPhulk brute force protection service we can protect our server from unauthorized logins. If we are regularly providing the incorrect login details to the server, you will be blocked by cPhulk for a specific limit of time. To avoid from this situation you should whitelist your IP to the server. If you want to remove IP that is blocked by cPhulk via ssh than you can use the following command.


mysql –e “delete from cPhulkd.logins where IP = ‘’”.

mysql –e “delete from cPhulkd.brutes where IP = ‘’”.

Disabling cPhulk brute force protection in cPanel:

Method 1:

Login to the server via ssh. And run this command

/user/local/cPanel/bin/cPhulk_pa_ctl---- disabled

Method 2:

Go to cPhulk ‘brute force protection’ under “security control”. Click on ‘off’ to disable cPhulk brute force protection.
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