The domain already exists in the Apache Configuration

The domain already exists in the Apache Configuration

It is a general error when you are adding a parked domain and addon domain by cPanel. The cause of occur this error is the domain is existing previously in configuration of cPanel. If you want to check the hidden domain in any location follow the following steps.

Cause 1: check that zone file is either exist or not on the server or not

1. If you want to find the availability of zone file at server then use the given command.

# dig @server _ip

Run the above command if there is a zone file exists then it will provide the record of A of

2. If zone file is already exists then login to server where zone file is located and check that domain is previously exists or not.

# /scripts/whoowns

If domain name is already exist

3. For delete the zone file to the server.

# /script/killdns

Cause 2: check previously traces of the domain at server.

1. To check domain is exist or not on the server before add the domain. First you login to server to see the problem.

# /scripts/whoowns

2. To trace the problem of adding the domain name see the cPanel files via using the commands

# grep /var/cpanel/users/*

# grep –R /var/cpanel/userdata/*

3. If you found that file then edit and remove the entire file that client want to add their domain name in /var/cpanel/userdata/USERNAME directory.

4. Again build the user domains database.

# /script/updateuserdomains

5. Again build the configuration of apache.

# /script/rebuildhttpdconf

# service httpd restart
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