How will you Add WordPress Navigation Menu Certain Post?

How will you Add WordPress Navigation Menu Certain Post?

It is impossible to believe that WordPress is an extraordinary platform to customize the menus. You can add posts, links, categories, pages, and a lot of things. The navigation menu is nothing but a link list which is important in the overall website. You can even say it as a menu such as about us, blog, products and glossary etc.

In case, if you need to add one or two important posts to the navigation menu what will be your step? In this article, you will find the guide for adding certain posts to the Navigation Menu of WordPress.

Steps to add Certain Posts to the Navigation Menu:

Step 1:
Use your credentials to login into WordPress. Search for the option “Appearance” and then select “Menus”.

Step 2: Choose your preferred menu to edit and also you can create a new menu instead of selecting a menu from the options.

Step 3: You will get displayed with the Pages, custom links, categories tabs after the selection of our preferred menu.

Step 4: In this section, you have a way to work on tab addition such as tags, posts, etc by clicking on the Screen Options.

Step 5: Click on the tabs to expand it. Choose your desired post that you want to show in the navigation menu and then click on the button “Add to Menu”.

Step 6: Using the Drag and Drop operation, we can easily manage our menu items.

Step 7: We can customize the label to visible our complete post title in the navigation menu. Save the changes that you made and visit your website to see the changes that you have made in the navigation menu.

You can add certain posts to the WordPress navigation menu by following the above-mentioned steps in our article. It will increase your visitor's time to spend a lot on your website which is helpful to grow your business well.
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