How to View cPanel/WHM-related Activities of Users in WHM?

How to View cPanel/WHM-related Activities of Users in WHM?

With the increase in technology, problems also have increased. To flow with the new technologies, we should know how to operate them and use them efficiently. Today, in this article, we will explain the step to get cPanel/WHM-related activities of your website users.

Several tutorials and steps illustration tried to clear this, but most of them will need clarification on the process or make your settings even worse.

Here we have explained the steps to check the activities of users.

Steps to view user's activities of cPanel/WHM

Step 1:
Sign in to WHM having root access.

Step 2: Locate Plugins and click on ConfigServer Security & Firewall

Step 3: Go to the next page, click Watch System Logs and continue.

Step 4: Now look at cPanel access_log below and continue.

Step 5: Here you go, now cPanel/WHM access log has appeared

By following the above steps, you will easily access the cPanel/WHM log user activities.

Final words

Knowing user activities can make your business or website a real success. Understanding data and doing some research can make your business count. So, follow the step above and get access to the cPanel/WHM activities of users.
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