how to restart Spamd service in cPanel

how to restart Spamd service in cPanel

Spamd Service:

Spamd is a kind of service which is for the email utility of the Apache spam Assassin, it is an email utility which mainly examines the incoming email and the tests for the spam characteristics. It mainly uses the Bayesian spam and network filtering tests to the screen incoming email. This finally results in the overall scored which the apache spam assassin mainly uses to determining that whether it should discard the message. Spamd is from one of those common notification which you can find in the Cpanel whenever the service goes down. Spamd is the commonly error and comes up in the that way which is shown below.

Spamd Failed @ Date: A restart was attempted automagically.

If you ever have checked the Cpanel mail logs, then you should definitely find something which is quite similar to this.

How to restart Spamd service in the Cpanel:

If you are facing problems in locating the script then I will suggest you to browse the /scripts directory and watch if there is something which is similar to this one. The editor can be also a smart option to open the script folder and it should also give you bright more insight that what it is exactly does.

/scripts/restartsrv_spamd – status

Spamd (/usr/local/bin/spamd – d - - a l l owed – ips =127 .0 .0.1 - -pidfi

You can also reinstall the spam Assassin it will surely help you. If you are getting error while starting then the reinstalling would be a great option for you.

/scripts/perIinstaller Digest : : SHA1

/scripts/perIinstaller - - force Mail : : SpamAssassin

/etc/rc. D/init. d/exim restart

The third option is also quite awesome and easy you can also try to force the cpanel so it may update the latest version. This will also definitely sort out your spamd failed issue. I personally done this and see the error problem also get sort out.

/scripts/upcp - - force
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