How to Reset Litespeed password via open ssh

How to Reset Litespeed password via open ssh

Open BSD secure shell or SSH is a powerful network protocol which provides the secure access to remote computer.

Litespeed WebServer:

Now a days litespeed is widely used web server over Apache. Updating your server to litespeed enhances the capability of server. It is not only compatible with Apache functions but also with cPanel. Litespeed is a amazing secure and stable web server than apache. It is very faster and also supports php4 and PHP5. Each web server needs a user name and password in order to access. It is not a solo program but a wide range of programs that works in the place of unencrypted network protocols. It provides the replacement of many network protocols like telnet, ftp and rlogin and provides the host authentication. It provides a very secure system in order to check the authenticity when a user is connected to the server. It is very helpful to secure our network connections. It provides the passwords in encrypted form over a server. What will happen if you forget your password? In that case you will not be granted to access your server. But OpenSSH overcome this problem and we can login with OpenSSH. But for this you have root access.

Steps to Change or Reset the Password Of Litespeed WebServer:

Step 1: First you need to find the folder where litespeed is installed. Because you will have to mention the directory. Generally it is installed at /user/local. If you want to reset your admin password then login via SSH. We can do this by some simple commands.
Go to cd /user/local/lsws/admin/misc and type this command here


Now it will move you to default user name: admin

Step 2: Second step is to submit your new password. After submitting the new password two times your information will be saved on the server or your information will be updated. Now login the litespeed with new account details.
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