How to install and configure clamAV on cPanel/WHM server

How to install and configure clamAV on cPanel/WHM server

ClamAV Scanner:

clamAV is the most useful free source antivirus that is commonly used to detect malicious programs and viruses. The clamAV is mainly used in mail server to scans viruses that are comes from mail server. clamAV supports all file types archive unpacking and file and multiple signature languages. clamAV comes with multithreaded scanner, on demand scanning and automatic signature updates. It is cross platform antivirus software that is detect all malicious software in the system. with the help of clamAV antivirus you can allow cPanel users for scans the e-mail and home directories.

How to install clamAV in cPanel via using WHM Plugin:

For installing the clamAV into cPanel by using the WHM Plugins follow the following steps

Step 1: login to WHM.

Step 2: In the left of the top search option type the “Plugins” and then select the manage plugin.

Step 3: Click on the “Install and keep update” option is behind of clamAV and then select the save button.

Step 4: the installation process take few minutes for complete and after complete the installation a message will be show that is “process complete

Step 5: logout from Plugin and comes into WHM.

Step 6: In the search box type the clamAV and select the Configure clamAV scanner.

Step 7: after that a window will appear with multiple option you can select the option according to your requirement. If you want to allowed the users of cPanel for scans the files on directory and set permissions then you select the scan mail, Scan Entire Home Directory, Scan Public Web Space and scan Public FTP Space. And then select the save.

Execute clamAV for cPanel:

Step 1: for run the clamAV in cPanel first you need to log into cPanel.

Step 2: then choose the Virus Scanner.

Step 3: a window will appeared with multiple option of scan. In this you can select the one option that you want to scan. For instance you select the option Scan Public FTP space and then select the scan now button.

Step 4: when scan is completed then it will show the harm files list. A window will appear for confirmation and Select the ok to continue.

Step 5: in some situation the infected files are found that is known of php mailer then leave that selection in Quarantine column so no one can access the files. We also select the Destroy and Ignore option and after that select the Process Cleanup button. You will see the page of process complete.

Step 6: you can see your quarantined files in new created directory as quarantine_clamavconnector in home directory into the file manager of cPanel.
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