How to disable or enable Lfd excessive resources usages alert

How to disable or enable Lfd excessive resources usages alert

LFD(Login Failure Daemon):

Lfd is stands for Login Failure Daemon. It is a process that is running on the server that has CSF firewall for security of server. It runs on the server all time. It scans the log files of server periodically. In some case you got alert e-mail from the server for excess usages of resources. With the help of Lfd you can set limit of usages of resources. Lfd notifies you all time when process takes several memory and time that process is assign into CSF configuration. You got alert messages for instance virtual memory size excessive resource usage alert, process time excessive resource usages alert.

For disable the Lfd alert use the one solution among three.

Solution 1:
The best solution is to disable Lfd alert. For disable the alert you need to open the csf.pignore file and then add the path of command line besides executable path, the location of this file in cpanel is /etc/csf/csf.pignore. If you done then you will not get any alert. For instance an alert is show the executable path /usr/bin/php and if you add the executable path with command line than it will not notify the process of php.
[root@hoststud #] vim /etc/csf/csf.pignore

After making changes you have to restart CSF and LFD

csf -r

Solution 2:
This solution is used for disable the Lfd alert permanently. First open the csf.conf file and change the value of PT_USERMEM=0. If you want to disable the process time alert change the value of PT_USERTIME=0.

Solution 3:
This is the last solution of disable the Lfd alert. For this you have to increase the value of PT_USERMEM that has the 200 value by default. you can set the value of PT_USERMEM=500. And for process time do the same increase the value of PT_USERTIME=500.
[root@server #] vim /etc/csf/csf.conf
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