How to Create Custom php.ini file in LiteSpeed WebServer

How to Create Custom php.ini file in LiteSpeed WebServer

Php.ini file:

Php.ini file is a configuration file of php where you can declare any changes in php setting. In the php.ini file you can change the default setting of server by simply editing the php.ini file or create a new php.ini file. In php.ini file you can change immediately in the functionality of php. When php is initialized than php.ini file is read every time. If php.ini file is not load on your account than you can create the php.ini file.

Create a php.ini file for LiteSpeed Web Server:

Step 1: for create php.ini file in litespeed webserver, first you select the litespeed server from WHM and do the following steps

Litespeed server from WHM -> Litespeed configuration -> Admin Console ->configuration -> server -> External App ->lsphp5.

After that edit the some section via click on Edit.

Environment: Adding “PHPRC=$VH_ROOT” in environment section.

suEXEC user: in this section add the username of account for that php.ini is enabled and add the group name of account for suEXEC group .

Step 2: Main -> Litespeed web server –> quick configuration of PHP suEXEC settings.

Enable PHP suEXEC should be “Yes”.

Step 3: After that you have to restart it from backend.

# /etc/init.d/lsws restart

Then set the custom php.ini file into your home directory.
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