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    How to Set up Roundcube Auto Reply?

    Roundcube webmail allows you to set up automated replies to emails you receive. This is a handy way to send out-of-office emails and let the prospect know when you’ll be available to reply back. As you’ll see in this guide, it’s easy to set up Roundcube auto replies. Setting up Roundcube...
  2. K

    Error while accessing mails in Roundcube

    If you are getting any issue in accessing emails in Roundcube then you can run below script : /scripts/mail per username If your email account size is appears in negative for few users then you can use below command to fix this issue. /scripts/generate_maildirsize -confirm cPanelusername
  3. K

    Database Error Connection Failed in RoundCube cPanel

    RoundCube is a client based on Web IMAP and that is very easy to install & configure. RoundCube is open-source and free software that is subject to General Public License that except plugins and skins. The main feature of Roundcube is that all data are stored in the database and it does have the...
  4. K

    Not able to accessing emails from Roundcube

    Most of the time this happens due to permission issue, we can easily resolve this with below steps: To resolve this issue you can run below script: /scripts/mail per username Sometimes email account shows negative size for few cpanel users, you can resolve this by using below script...
  5. K

    Steps to use Multiple Identities in Roundcube

    You can follow below steps to use multiple identities: Login to Roundcube webmail account. Here click on “Settings” and you will see option “Identities”, you have to click on it. Now you have to click on “+” icon to create new identity. You have to enter all the information regarding...
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    How to Fix the Empty Startup Greeting in Roundcube?

    Roundcube is a free-to-use webmail software that’s used by many mail applications. If your system uses it too, you may run into a few errors from time to time. And one of them is the “Empty startup greeting” error. Usually, you’ll get this error when the SSL is misconfigured. Or else, if there’s...
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    Mail forwarding without leaving a copy of the messages in original mailbox

    Mail forwarding without leaving a copy of the messages in original mailbox Yes, it’s possible to configure Plesk self-sufficiently for forwarding and Mailbox. Let’s see how to create a new mailbox: Step 1: Go to domain search where your domain name exists along with .com. Choose Mail to...
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    There are so many reasons for the occurrence of the problem while working with MySQL database connection. Using the details listed below we can rectify the problem. There are few things to be checked while working with the problem. The error that you may get and details to be checked is as...
  9. H

    Error: Webmail “User **** Is Not Authorized For ****”

    You will receive an error when accessing Horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail from webmail on a cPanel installed server. It allows you to login. But, when you access specific email account, it shows this message/error. ' Error User is not authorized for Mail (Host: *.*.*.*)." It...