Error: Webmail “User **** Is Not Authorized For ****”

Login to Webmail fails after choosing Horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail

  1. HostStud
    You will receive an error when accessing Horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail from webmail on a cPanel installed server.
    It allows you to login. But, when you access specific email account, it shows this message/error.

    ' Error User is not authorized for Mail (Host: *.*.*.*)."

    It usually happens when cpanel update has issue OR you migrate the account or server OR rebuild it.

    Run force cpanel update :
    /scripts/upcp --force

    If problem persists then Horde database might be corrupt OR it needs a reset.

    Check HORDE database if its corrupt then repair it. Command to check Horde database is

    mysqlcheck horde

    It will show the table which is corrupted. Replace horde_TableName.MYI with corrupted horde table name.

    myisamchk -r -o /var/lib/mysql/horde/horde_TableName.MYI

    Check webmail is working or not. If you still get the same message, then it’s time to completly reset horde database.

    Take Horde database backup
    mysqldump horde > horde.sql

    Reset Horde with command below.