Roundcube webmail allows you to set up automated replies to emails you receive. This is a handy way to send out-of-office emails and let the prospect know when you’ll be available to reply back. As you’ll see in this guide, it’s easy to set up Roundcube auto replies.

Setting up Roundcube Automated Replies: Steps

Here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Login to your Roundcube mail provider
  • Access the Settings option from the top right hand corner
  • From the options available, select Filters and then ‘Out of office or Vacation
  • In case you don’t find it, click on the plus button from the filter panel and create a filter. Name it ‘Vacation’ or ‘Out of Office’. Here are the settings you need apply for this new filter:
  • For incoming mail: All messages
  • Dropdown menu: Reply with messages
  • Message body: Type the message that you want the sender to receive in the auto reply
  • Message subject: Provide a subject to the auto reply message
  • Additional emails: In case you want to send these messages to another email, provide that address here
  • How often: 1
  • Finally, uncheck the box that reads ‘filter disabled.’ It’d enable the auto reply
  • Click on ‘Save’ and exit
To stop sending out auto replies, you need to go back to the check box and click on it. It’d disable auto reply.

So that’s how you set up automated reply emails in Roundcube.
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