What is DNS Prefetching? How and where to use it?

What is DNS Prefetching? How and where to use it?

DNS prefetching is a mechanism using which you can resolve the DNS of domain names used in the web page before they are called. This can be done using computer's normal DNS resolution without using google. Now If any user navigates to the link used on the page then there will be no delay time for DNS resolution.
This is used where a page has too many external Links used. for the time user read the page all domain links DNS are already resolved.
All this work is done parallel using minimal CPU and network resources.
To improve the speed of redirects, content authors can add the following tag to their page:

<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="https://hoststud.com/">

Why should we use it?
It will speed up your website pages by pre-resolving DNS.
It achieves page-speed by controlling the DNS Lookup times take place.

When not to use?
If there are no external links in your web page then you shouldn't use DNS prefetch.

Where is it used?
It is used in the head of a HTML document.

Related Article: https://www.w3.org/TR/resource-hints/#dns-prefetch
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