What are the ways for adding custom CSS in WordPress?

What are the ways for adding custom CSS in WordPress?

A user of WordPress often gets new updates and new features. One coolest option in WordPress is to change the stylesheet in the desired way. While doing this, you may get a problem with the editing option where you can’t find the option to edit. You are well known that the current theme of WordPress has a set of code and to make a new change on a theme it's a must for you to use custom CSS for overriding the old one.

Due to security reasons, the edit option is not viewable. So, let us find ways for adding custom CSS to WordPress. Most probably, we can see built-in customization in WordPress. It is not necessary to add the custom CSS in the file of CSS composed originally.

Built-in customization Usage:

Just by searching deep inside WordPress you can complete adding custom CSS in WordPress. If you still find it difficult to add custom CSS kindly follow below steps:

Step 1: On the dashboard of WordPress, search “Appearance” which is listed on the left side of the page. Just by tapping on appearance, you can options such as themes, customize, widgets, menus, header, background and editor.

Step 2: Choose the second option “customize” where you can see more options for updates. Even, you can see the overview of the website home page.

Step 3: Scroll down below to see the option “Additional CSS”. Tap on it for more information.

Step 4: It roughly guides you to add custom CSS. Here, you can view the space for adding CSS additionally. Don’t forget to tap on the button “Publish”.

Steps to add custom CSS using the plugin of WordPress:

We can’t expect all the users to know well about codes and programs. They wish to move on with the plugin for easy making. Why not for adding custom CSS using the WordPress plugin?

Yes! You have another way to add custom CSS using the WordPress plugin.

Step 1: Go to dashboard, search the “Plugin” option and then select “Add new”. Type as Simple Custom CSS in the search bar and then choose it for installation.

Step 2: Tap on it to activate! Once if you activate the plugin, kindly do clearance on caches of browser and website.

Step 3: Now choose “Appearance” on the dashboard and then choose “Custom CSS”. You can see the box where you can add the codes.

Step 4: Tap on the button “Update Custom CSS”.

That’s it! More than manual code edit plugin give you more option to make your work easy right!

How to make changes on CSS files by using cPanel?

Here, you are working to make changes to WordPress design so search for the file style.css and add it correctly.

Step 1: Select file manager and then tap on public_html. Inside public_html, you can see wp-content and so select “themes”. In the search bar, type style.css.

In many WordPress, you can see the style.css in the front folder itself but in a few, you must search inside.

Step 2: After choosing “style.css” right-click on it to make changes. By now, you will see a space for adding custom CSS.

We have explained three ways for adding custom CSS. Choose the best way which might give you a more convenient space.
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