One such thing getting common in all phases of WordPress is the SSL certificate. This is why because for a free service Let’s encrypt gives SSL certificate for all users. The categorization of the SSL certificate is divided as basic and advanced. The basic SSL certificate paid one is very cheaper than you expect. Later, it came to the reality that has an SSL certificate is a must for all users. A website that does not have an SSL certificate is said to be an unsecured website from the user’s point of view. Sometimes, Google chrome will give a notification if you are supposed to enter your details or card details on a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

There are other situations when a website has an SSL certificate even though Google chrome shows notification like “not-secured” website it’s because of the issue named “Mixed content issue”. This is not such a big issue and so, you can handle it easily if you have WordPress account privilege.

For instance, Opening a website on Google is very easy! Just typing a website name in the search bar gives you instant look. Technically, a website runs behind many and more requests like images, Javascript files, and CSS files. Those request maybe from various URLs or various servers. You have the privilege to use HTTPS for your website once if you install an SSL certificate. The website may also need requests from other sources like HTTP protocol from domain differently or domain in the same account.

Here comes the issue!!! Your website is requesting resources additionally even if you have an SSL certificate. This issue is named a mixed content issue. For a WordPress user, it is easy to solve this issue by just installing the plugin.

Use HTTP protocol on the website to solve issues like Mixed content issues. Go to source code, replace HTTP into HTTPS in just adding a single code modification.

Let's see the step to solve this issue in WordPress:

Step 1:
Go to the WordPress admin panel and then tap on the option “plugin”. Choose the option “add new” and so, it shows more list of plugins from the repository of WordPress.

Step 2: Search the plugin “SSL insecure Content Fixer” and then tap on the button “enter”. For your reference, the logo will be displayed as a green padlock.

Step 3: Install the plugin in WordPress and then activate it. Go to settings and then select the settings of plugin SSL Insecure Content.

Step 4: The settings will show more options like simple, content, widgets, capture, and capture all. Choose the setting option based on your requirement. In case, if you are confused to choose one then select the option “simple”.

Step 5: Save the changes!!!

Note: You have completed the installation of a plugin in WordPress. By now, your Google chrome won’t show the message “not-secure” instead it shows a green padlock logo. The modification of HTTP into HTTPS will help you to get other resources from HTTPS.

You can also do further changes in the address of the site and address WordPress by tapping the option settings to choose the general page option. But have one thing in mind – You can do all changes after installing an SSL certificate from Let's encrypt. There is no option for you to say the website will run as usual even if you didn’t install an SSL certificate.

We have just seen a solution for mixed content issue occurrence. Your website is already issued with an SSL certificate even though the website is looking for additional resources. We are sorting out this additional resource problem by fixing the plugin namely called “SSL Insecure Content”.
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