What is DNS? DNS is also known as Domain Name System. It is mainly used for converting the URL into IP address. DNS is a root server. IP address are in the form of numbers and user will find difficult to remember all those number , so instead of remembering the number we can type the URL but the system must be able to read it. So in-order to convert the URL to IP address we use DNS server. The normal way of getting an IP address is when user request for a website then this request will be given to DNS root server , from there it will check the hostname in authorities .com server and sends the IP address to the customer where the webpage will be displayed.

ISP is known as internet server provider:

They are company who gives internet access to the customer. They allow customer to communicate with one another. Many big industries have their own ISP providers. This DNS cache is maintained by the OS, they have full history of your web search. To see your DNS history you have to follow the following command

Window systemàcommand promptàrun administratoràipconfig/displaydns.

There is a method known as cache poisoning where the data will be corrupted by adding a corrupted data into DNS database servers. These are known as worms and it’s always good to clear your DNS cache and in this way you will be able to clear all the errors and history.

What is DNS cache?

Cache means storing the data in particular place. In this DNS server if a customer has requested for the same address again then the cache memory will be able to return the address very quickly. In normal way of getting an IP address it takes a lot of time.

When there is an error code as 404 we have to clear our DNS cache and there are different methods to clear all those and they are for windows 8, windows 7 and macOS 10.10.1, 10.10.2, 10.10.3 and so on.

In windows 8 and you have to follow below steps to clear DNS cache:

  • By pressing Win+X a Winx menu will be opened
  • Go to command promptàrun as administrator
  • Execute below command in cmd:
Once the execution has been succeeded then a message will be poppedup. This process is for windows 8

In windows 7 and windows XP the steps are different and they are:

  • START >> search for cmd >> run the administrator
  • And run the code as ipconfig/flushdns after doing this a message will be popped up.
In macOS 10.10.4 the method is totally different:

  • Go to Applications >> Utilities >> terminal
  • And run the code as sudo killall –HUP mDNSResponder
The same process is followed in MacOS10.10.1, 10.10.2 and 10.10.3

By following this process you will be able to clear your cache and have new DNS server. Remember that in some of the OS message will not be popped up and customers have to know the administrator passwords.
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