Remove query strings from static resources .htaccess and WordPress

Remove query strings from static resources .htaccess and WordPress

  1. Bhawani Singh
    This article will teach you how to remove query strings from static resources and after this session you will able to solve your issue. With the very simple method and good result, you are going to learn and sure it will assist you and you can solve your issue. Let’s go through the article and get the right solution.

    Query Strings:

    A query string can be understood as a set of characters which is given input to a computer or Web browser to recover related information or detail from a database. In terms of Internet, it is also called an HTTP query string.

    Remove query strings from static resources through .htaccess

    It is very easy to remove query strings from static resources in WordPress, just copy and paste given below code at bottom in your themes function.php

    Increase your Website Speed by Removing Query Strings from Static Resources

    Website Speed is very crucial and the point is how to increase its speed. You always go through GTmatrix, Google Page Speed Insights etc. It makes sure you to get the solution to Remove query strings from static resources like JavaScript & CSS.

    In this article, you will get the right information, about the query strings in htaccess WordPress? what is the reason to remove query strings from static resources? what is the process to remove query strings and how to Increase your website speed?

    Query strings are responsible for preventing caching of Static Resources like JavaScript and CSS on Proxy Servers and content delivery networks, by which you get the results slow speed of your website. Here you need to remove these query strings to make enable caching on proxy servers.

    If you have removed these strings, sure you will get increased page loading speed.

    How can you Remove Query Strings and Increase Website Speed?

    If we talk about the WordPress so you have two different solutions to remove Query strings from Static Resources and both are very easy to use. One side you can use the plugin or you can add a PHP code in your theme’s function.php. These both way will assist you. It is better to use plugins.

    This solution is better for mostly beginners, who are not familiar with coding stuff. Just you need to Install this plugin and use it by activating it and you are good to go.

    Now you learned a good topic to work well with your website and you can make your speed increase. So just apply what you read and see the result and it makes sure for getting the better result with good performance and be happy.

    Hope this article will assist you in all ways and this is enough to solve your query. If you have read complete article so it is assume that you are ready to apply and do the good practice and become an expert. Thank you.