How to force logout all Wordpress users?

How to force logout all Wordpress users?

How to force logout all Wordpress users?

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– Your WordPress account is hacked!!! What is your next move? Logout is the only option for all users’ right! Yes, it is a must to emphasize all users to get out of WordPress immediately only so, all other information will be secured. Hacker’s mindset is to get your information from the website to earn money or collapse your entire account. Once if you logout WordPress, users can start the cleaning process. You can logout by yourself from other devices also but it should be accessible publicly.

We recommend this technique not only for website hack but also for website maintenance too! We suggest two methods such as wp-config.php edit and using force re-authentication plugin.

Wp-config.php file edit:

Before starting the edit in wp-config.php kindly check whether you have the privilege of doing changes in wp-config.php. You also have an option to do edit using FTP or cPanel but if you are not convenient to handle those methods just follow the below-mentioned method:

Step 1: Use login details such as username and password. Tap on the option “file manager” and then assign wp-config.php file allocation for the website specifically.

Step 2: Just tap wp-config.php file right-click so that, you will get options like download, view, edit, move, copy, rename, change permission, delete, and compress.

Step 3: Move the wp-config.php file down to find the codes for salt and authentication. Remove those keys and replace them with new keys. Users' accounts will get logged out easily!!!

Note: New keys will be available on the secret key WordPress website. New keys will be generated whenever you open the website so no worries about the new set key generation.

Save the new set of keys and execute them for a new update. Your all users will be logged out!!!

Cookies clearance is the main deal over here!! It gives a symbolic hint to logout all users from WordPress.

Using Force Re-authentication plugin:

The above-mentioned plugin is used for logging out users in single or maybe more. With the count of more than the installation 500, it is well-versed for all users in free space. This plugin is not updated recently but when comparing it with other plugins it has distinctive features. The update made in this plugin is before 6 years.

It is more reliable, top-class usability and compatibility too!!!

Step 1: Just go to the WordPress dashboard and then choose plugins to click on the “add new” button.

Step 2: You will be displayed with more number of plugins so start your search by typing the plugin name in the search bar.

Step 3: Type the plugin name “Force Reauthentication” and then click on the button “Install”. Install it and then activate it for more use.

Step 4: After activation, a list of user pages will be shown in front of you along with the logout link. This link is not unique for all users. There is a separate link for all users so if you tap on the user's logout link the WordPress account will be logged out immediately.

Step 5: Ensure, whether the user's identity is listed properly and then tap on the bulk logout link. It will help you to logout bulk users not by just tapping out all the users link one by one.

Note: If your WordPress version is not updated in the recent version then you can't choose the bulk logout option. The main reason for this inconvenience is compatibility. So, don’t forget to keep on updating your WordPress version whenever you receive notifications. Update for WordPress website is a must at all times!!!

We have a suggestion from our end to you – Forcing all user logout is not appropriate. We accept it, you have all the privileges to do modification in WordPress but those privileges should give a meaningful result for the user without making discomfort. There is a list of good admin activities but that doesn’t include forceful all user logout. Make sure, this situation is not recommended again and again. Users will feel frustrate if you clear all cookies. Before making any changes in WordPress, just give information to the user by saying “Your account will be logged out from WordPress for security purpose”. I hope, this message will help users to get ready for logging out from WordPress.
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