How can we remove post date in Wordpress?

Removing a date from WordPress Url is not a typical job! Many users prefer WordPress because of its salient features such as customization, SEO-friendly URL structure, and reliability. A date is added in WordPress URL post by tapping on one format of the link structure. There is a difference between a readable link and a non-readable link. So, WordPress itself has a default mode to choose a non-readable link for pages and posts.

Just for your reference, we are giving an example of a WordPress URL such as A number specified here is not a correct form of appearance. Choose the URL appearance of your choice to bring up good looking terms such as plain, day & name, month & name, numeric, post name, and custom structure.

By clicking on the option like day & name and month & name, the WordPress URL will become more user-friendly.

Month and name:

Day and name:

You may have a thought like this URL goes with more length but look wise; the old URL is fine-looking. To avoid this length unnecessarily and to make you more convenient for copy-pasting the URL just switch to post name. Also, it would be nice to recent posts as mentioned in URL date but after a year or more than a year, users used to set it as old a story that’s why you can make post new after removing the date from post.

Instances will happen after WordPress URL date removal:

Before launching a new WordPress website just cross-check whether you have added a date in the WP URL. Sometimes, you may get a 404 error when you make changes in URL structure also, you may get Google search console warnings repeatedly. There is a chance of getting affected in search engines which may also bring a 404 error to your website.

Note: The above-mentioned 404 error can be solved by redirecting the website. So no worries dude!

You may see a reset happens in a social share account. These services don’t have a methodology to follow redirection easily.

How can we remove the date from WP URL?

Take a backup before removing the date from WP URL. It is for your safety purpose so better taking a full backup. Go to settings in the WordPress admin area and it shows more lists such as general, reading, writing, media, discussion, privacy and permalinks.

Step 1: Select the permalinks to choose the option of permalink. Again, there is a list of permalink options such as plain, day & name, month & name, numeric, post name, and custom structure.

Step 2: Choose the fifth option “post name” and then click on save changes. By now, the URL will get normalized like the previous one name-based URL structure. A date will be removed from the URL structure as you expected.

How to bring SEO ranking like before after removing the date from WordPress URL?

Proper redirection is a must in a well-formed website. When you set a proper redirection, there is no chance of displaying 404 errors. Search engines will easily understand that old URLs have been redirected to the new one so that; it will start ranking the new URL like the old one.

Step 1: Better go for a plugin called “redirection” to install and activate it. Now, go to tools and then choose the page “redirection”.

Step 2: You can see content over there and below is a button called “start setup”. Kindly tap on the button and so, you will be displayed with few options such as to monitor permalink changes in WP post and page, keep a log of all redirects and 404 errors.

Step 3: There is no necessity to select both or anyone from the option. Just ignore it and tap on the below option “continue setup”. After a tap on the continue setup button, it will start doing a small test for confirmation.

Step 4: If it goes good then tap on the button “finish setup”. The database of WordPress will now start saving the settings of the plugin as directed. A plugin setting page will be displayed and checks at the left top side to tap on the button “add new”.

Step 5: You will get displayed with a form having a field option like source and target. Fill the URL structure old one in the source field and URL structure a new one in the target field. In case, if you have a date & name URL then it must enter those details in the source and target field.

Step 6: Regex – you need to select it before saving the changes. So, save all the changes once you have done with all the process.

So, we are concluding here by saying that removing date & name from WordPress URL structure is a very easy task. Follow our instructions correctly to make it easier.
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