Adding Google Pay on your WordPress website will allow you to accept payments online with ease. You don’t have to do any complex coding, nor have to engage in lengthy paperworks. Both WordPress and the Google Pay software will do the heavy lifting.

To start accepting payments, you need to add Google Pay payment interface to your website. In this article, learn how you can add Google Pay to your WordPress website.

Adding Google Pay to WordPress Website: A Step by Step Guide

It’s simple to accept payments via Google Pay on WordPress. You just have to add a plugin, provide the necessary information to start accepting money. Here is the complete process involved:
  • Install WP Simple Pay
The first thing you need to do is install the WP Simple Pay plugin. It’s one of the best invoicing plugins in WordPress. You don’t have to go through the pain of setting up a cart system. And the best part is it doesn’t charge any additional fees either. You keep all the profit you generate.

WP Simple Pay accepts all types of payment options including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards. So install it first and go to the next step.
  • Upgrade to Pro Version
To start accepting Google Pay payments using the plugin, you need to active the plugin and upgrade to pro version. The free version doesn’t allow you to add Google Pay and other payment services.

So purchase a plan and grab the license key. Now head over to the plugin from the WP dashboard and click on the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button.

In the first page itself, you’ll be asked to provide the license key. Then click on the ‘Activate and Continue’ button to complete the next steps that follow.
  • Connect to Stripe
The next step is to connect the plugin to Strip. If you don’t know what Strip is, it’s a payment gateway that facilitates transactions. And it’s also the painless option to add Google Pay to your website. Besides that, Strip supports credit cards and ACH payments.

You need to have a Stripe account first. So go to Stripe’s website and create an account. Then come back to the plugin where you left off and tap on ‘Connect with Strip’ to connect WP Simple Pay with your Stripe account.
  • Configure WP Simple Pay emails
The next step is to configure WP Simple Pay emails. These are the notification emails that’s be sent to you once a customer makes the payment online.

You’ll be asked to provide the email address where you’d like to receive the notification. Once provided, click on ‘Save and Continue’ to complete the set up.
  • Create the Payment form
You’re done with the configuration side of things. The next thing you need to do is create the payment form the users. You can do this in the setup wizard. Click on the ‘Create a Payment Form’ button and it’ll redirect you to the WP Simple Pay >> Add New section.

You don’t have to design the form from scratch. There are ready-made templates available in this section. To start using a template, hover over it and click on ‘Use Template’ option when it appears.

The next section is the payment editor. Here you can give your form a name and description. After that, go to the Form Type option and check the ‘Stripe Checkout’ option.

Then open the Payments tab. Here you can select either live or testing mode. It’s good to start off with testing mode to check and see if everything is working as intended. After confirming, you can switch to live mode.

In the Payments tab, you can specify the product or service you sell. Along with that, list their prices and whether they’re a one-time or recurring payment. To add multiple pricing option, click on ‘Add Price’ button. Another option you can add is allow users to enter an amount and pay like in the case of donations. You can also hide the prices altogether by selecting the small arrow on the right.

Go through all the other tabs and finish up the payment form.
  • Add the payment form to website
The last step is to add the payment form to the website. And the WP Simple Pay plugin makes it super easy to add the payment form anywhere on the website.

Create a new post or open an existing one where you want to place the form. Then click on the ‘+’ sign to add the WP Simple Pay block to the block editor.

Next, open the drop-down menu and choose the order form you created.

Lastly, publish the post or page to make the payment form appear in the website. Now when somebody clicks on the ‘Pay’ button, it will display the Stripe checkout form.

So that’s how you accept Google Pay payments on your WordPress website. So get started and start earning online!
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