Divi Builder Timeout error is a common issue encountered by many Wordpress admins using Divi as their theme. Usually a box flashes on pages saying “Divi Builder Timeout” on the title bar.

As frightening as it can be, there’s nothing to worry since this is not a major problem. But you do need take quick actions since this may cause your website visitors to bounce off, thus impacting your SEO score and overall business. This is a timeout error and there’s a quick fix to it.

Why the Time Error Occurs in the First Place?

Getting knowledgeable about why the time out occurs will help you better diagnose the problem. The major of this error is lack of memory space. The server gets constrained due to either low space allocation of resources getting overloaded.

Another reason is conflicting plugin versions. If you’ve downloaded a plugin that’s not perfectly compatible with the Divi theme, then you may run into this problem.

Whatever might be the case, the four ways we’ll walk you through below will most likely solve the timeout error.

4 Ways To Fix Divi Builder Timeout Error

1. Update your PHP version

The best way to fix this error is to update the PHP. As you might be aware, WordPress is written in PHP and it keeps getting updated fairly regularly. The most recent PHP version released, the last time we checked, was 7.4. To update, follow the steps:

  • Log into cPanel with root level authorization.
  • Navigate to PHP Configuration or PHP Manager.
  • Look for the field that says “PHP Version
  • From the menu select the latest version

Your PHP will update and solve the error. If not, go for the next solution.

2. Try increasing PHP limits

You usually allot more PHP limits for fixing the “Allowed memory size of XX bytes exhausted” error. But this can also fix your timeout error. As mentioned earlier, the main reason the Divi Timeout error flashes on screen is because it runs out of space availability.

Ideally speaking, the following should be your PHP values:

memory_limit 256M
post_max_size 128M
max_execution_time 300
upload_max_filesize 64M
max_input_time 600
max_input_vars 6000
To access these parameters, you have to navigate into Divi and then Support Center and then System Status. If your hosting service provider permits editing these, then you can change your memory limit to the ones mentioned above to fix the error. If not, then try contacting your hosting customer support.

Alternatively, you can access the .htaccess file and make an increase to Apache limits. But before that, it is highly recommended to backup your website first since this file is crucial for your site to function.

In cPanel, you can access it by navigating to File Manager >> public_html. At times, you may not find it here since it is a hidden file.

Go to Settings from the cPanel menu and select the “Show Hidden Files”. This will show the .htaccess file.

Then add this code:
<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M
Save the changes and see if the error is fixed.

3. Clear cache

Simply clearing your cache and solve this issue. At times, cookies and caches stored from the old themes or plugins can with your current website, resulting in the error. To clear the cache, do the following:
  • Clear cache from all installed plugins that employ cache
  • Open Firefox or Chrome, whatever you’re using, and clear the cache
  • If you’re using CDN services, turn developer mode on and purge caches
  • Inquire if your hosting service provider is using any server-side caching. If so, send them a request for clearing the cache from their end.
4. Check your plugins and update, if required

As mentioned earlier, plugins may conflict with your Divi theme leading to the timeout error. To fix this, simply update the plugins. If they’re already updated, then deactivate them and check if the error persists. If not, then you may decide to keep the plugin deactivated and report the bug to the plugin developers.

As you can see, it takes few minutes to solve the Divi timeout error. Since all of these are server-side changes, we advise you to back up the website first before proceeding.
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