Do you clear cache in WordPress?

Do you clear cache in WordPress?

Are you keep on updating the website? But it doesn’t give any changes right! Still, you are working with the old version of WordPress.

You might be wondering what happened to your website. Why it is not responding to any of your processes? It’s because you haven’t cleared the cache in WordPress yet.

Whenever a user accesses the website, it gets stored in their cache like a database. If they visit your website for the second time it loads faster when compared with the first visit. Because the website is stored in your cache now, it only wants to show the already opened website.

So, the changes made new to the website won’t be reflected in the older version of the cache. By clearing the cache, takes the new storage of the WordPress website again.

WordPress cache:
  • A user types the website name in Google. The browser sends a request to the server for showing the page.
  • The server fetches the HTML file from the database.
  • By now, you are viewing the HTML file in form of a website.
Whenever you need to access the web page, this process runs behind. So, it might take more time right! The user can't wait and sit until the server responds. Here comes the usage of the cache.

It stores the HTML file in the cache so that by next time, it would take from the cache easily. You can even say it as a xerox copy of your website.

Naming two types of WordPress cache:

Client-side caching and server-side caching

Client-side caching:
The static HTML page is stored on your computer. Whenever you access the website, the computer shows the website copy from the saved one.

Server–side caching: A website have a greater number of databases. Using the RAM or hard disk, the HTML static page is saved. If you compare it with client-side caching, it is not much faster but gives the best result.

Start the changes from your end! A simple act may trigger the WordPress cache to delete the previously stored website copy. Sometimes, you might be the reason for the website break down too. So, be conscious before doing anything.

There are situations where the website gets broken down because of the changes made by you.

Here’s a hint!
  • Plugin or theme update may break your website in the middle
  • You would have changed the content
  • You would have changed the elements and design in WordPress
  • You would have given the website to your new host
  • To process image compress, you would have installed the plugins
Start clearing the cache in the browser, server, and WordPress

Browser (Google Chrome):

Method 1: Go to the settings and then tap on the option “More tools”. You can see the option “Clear browsing data”.

Method 2: Go to settings and then choose “advanced”. It redirects to the section “Clear browsing data” and then starts selecting the cached data one by one to clear.


Step: Go to the “Menu” in Safari and then tap on “Preference”. Then select “Privacy” and then “manage site data”. You can see the option “remove all”.


Step: Tap on the menu button and then select “Preference”. You can see the option “Privacy and Security” and then choose “Navigate to cookies and site data”. Start clear the data or else select the data one by one to clear the cached data.

Server cache:
  • From the dashboard, you can access the cache for WP Engine.
  • Kinsta has the caching plugin on its own
  • Using cPanel, Siteground clears the caches.
WP super cache plugin:

From the dashboard, choose “WP super cache” and then select “WP super cache settings page”. Now, select “delete cache”.

Go to the tab “Advanced”, where you can see cache clear.

W3 total cache plugin:

From the dashboard, tap on the option “Performance” and then select “W3 total cache dashboard”. You have the option “Empty all caches”.

Clear the cache often to get reflected with the new changes!
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