Creation of Customized 404 WordPress Error Page

Creation of Customized 404 WordPress Error Page

Website hint is one of the important tasks for website owners! They must maintain their website as well as their visitors for good growth and wealth. If the visitor doesn’t get enough information from the website then it's not sure that they will be visiting us again. So, you need to worry if you going to close the website but in case if you are going to run the website then it is a must for you to give a hint in the mean of 404 error page.

What is the main motive for creating a 404 error page in WordPress? It’s just a purpose to give visitor information that the website has been receiving signals but the actual web page is not on the website.

Let us work on the immediate steps to create customization of the 404 error page:

Step 1:
Go to the account of cPanel and then choose section “Files” for selecting file manager.

Step 2: Now search the directory called “public_html” and then tap on the icon “Settings” which is located on the right-top corner of the dashboard.

Step 3: You can see the option “Show hidden files” kindly enable it. Do .htaccess file right-click for editing the changes.

Step 4: If you don’t find the .htaccess file by clicking on the icon “+file” kindly create a file .htaccess new one.

Step 5: Add “<H1>Page not found</H1>” in .htaccess file.

Step 6: Make all your changes saved.

By now, your visitor will get a confirmation that your website is working but the actual page is not live now. So, they can see the live page when the website owner opens up with that. It doesn’t carry with more and more steps so, no need for technical knowledge. You can do it by yourself without others help!
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