Creating a Collapsible Sidebar Menu The Easiest Way in WordPress

Creating a Collapsible Sidebar Menu The Easiest Way in WordPress

WordPress allows you to experiment with how your website looks and functions. By adding a collapsible menu in the sidebar, you enhance your website’s navigability without cluttering up the screen. If you own a WordPress website with many links, consider adding a sidebar menu that’d contain the necessary links.

In this tutorial, learn how you can add a collapsible sidebar menu to your WP website the easiest way.

Creating a Collapsible Menu: Step-by-Step

You enhance WordPress’s functionality using plugins. And there’s a plugin available that lets you add collapsible menu, which is the Bellows Accordion Menu plugin.

It provides you with shortcode that you can add to any page, post, or the sidebar. Once added, you’d be able to see the collapsible menu.

To get started, you need to install and activate the plugin. Then follow these steps to create the sidebar menu:
  • Go to Appearance > Menus
  • Locate the Menu Name field and enter the name for your collapsible menu
  • Next, select the page where you want to add the menu. Click on View All tab to see all the pages on your WordPress website. If you click on Select All, it will add the menu to all the pages
  • Then tap on Add to Menu button which would add the menu to the selected pages. You can change the position by dragging and dropping it anywhere you want
  • Click on Save Changes
The collapsible sidebar menu now has been added to the pages. It’s time to activate the sidebar. For this, you need to grab the shortcode. Here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Go to Appearance > Bellows Menu
  • Click on Show All Tab
  • You’ll see the Shortcode box. Grab all the code from there and copy to the clipboard
  • Navigate into Appearance > Widgets. Select the sidebar widget from the list
  • Now click on the ‘+’ icon to add a block. Type Shortcode and click on the Shortcode block
  • Paste the shortcode you had copied into this block.
  • Click on the Update button
Now you should see the collapsible sidebar menu in the WordPress website. If you want to further tweak the appearance or functionality, go to Appearance > Bellows Menu and make the changes.
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