Cloudflare: Should you use it or not?

Cloudflare: Should you use it or not?

Do we have a purpose to use Cloudfare? Yes! You have a situation here!! Use Cloudflare integration to connect WordPress and CDN within a minute. You will get more and more wonders once if start using Cloudfare integration for superior connection in-between WordPress and CDN. It is well said as a reverse proxy that has been recommended specifically for WordPress users. To use blogs and websites, you have a free plan to subscribe. The Cloudflare gives a prominent feature such as DDoS protection, HTTP/2, balancing the load, video stream in high quality, Global CDN Cloudflare, and other security features.

The content delivery network is abbreviated as CDN. Cloudflare is well-formed out in the big era which suits CDN distribution for all WordPress users. The first launch took place at TechCrunch Disrupt Conference and it starts the mile range from the year 2008 and was established well all over the world for WordPress users. Numbering out the domains alone it crosses over 12 million and the data center ranges 155.

Do you want to know more about Cloudflare?

If you are a user of Cloudfare then you will be getting more traffic from Wikipedia, Bing, Instagram, Apple, Amazon, and Twitter. Cloudflare repeatedly gets more than 10000 users for a day alone. So, guess up in month wise! More than 500 times, internet users would love to touch Cloudfare solidly.

Cloudflare still takes effective measures to provide features like a data breach, dangerous bots, taking up a step to protect DDos attack, API end-to-end formulation, applications in mobile, website latency reduce and performance-related issues. As per the free plan, you are allowed to use nominal features alone but don’t stick with the free plan at all times. You need to explore right! Then try out other plans like enterprise plan, business plan, and pro plan. As said the listed premium plans give a heavy performance on features like DDoS advanced feature, Railgun web optimization, and WAF (Web application firewall).

So, overall it depends on your requirement to use Cloudflare. By now, you will have a question again that do we need CDN? For instance: If any of your users are located close to the server and the time taken for the website load and content distribution takes only a minute. Again, if your user is out from the city then the loading time of your website will be slow in performance. Here, CDN takes the responsibility to provide the content delivery equally whatever may be the distance. It helps to keep a copy of your website in static mode to display the website when the user clicks the link. Instead to get connected to one server CDN helps to get in connection with a closely related server where the user is located. It reduces the website’s latency and content server time in an expected way.

CDN will help to give a faster experience whenever you value the static resource more than 80%. In what cases, you need CDN? By taking into the count of visitor’s location, the website’s complexity, and size requirement, traffic count is higher than the hosting package, DDoS attack, and slow performance in website load.

Here’s the benefit for CDN:

Website load time improvement:
The reason for your CDN consideration is only the factor of performance on your website. By the usage of an edge server, it is possible to locate a server very close to your visitor location. It also helps to form up latency reduction and possibly speeding up your website performance.

Reduction of Bandwidth cost: One of the major expenses that run out of your hand is bandwidth cost. Once if you reduce the origin server data consumption with the help of optimization and cache then your cost of bandwidth will be reduced.

Increasing redundancy and availability of content: You can increase the scale whenever you want to get traffic to your website. Also, there is a problem when you expect more traffic at the same time your website cannot tend to handle the traffic. It might get slow down or it simply loads. CDN helps you to get the situation in control where you can handle more traffic than you expect. It doesn’t harm your website anymore!

Protection of DDos and security: Once if you start securing your website then you would know to protect against the attack of DDoS, bots, and data breach. So, CDN will act as an interface to protect your website.

SEO: You might have known about SEO algorithms. Your website will be ranked in SERP by improving the performance of the website. To rank, your website does SEO happily!

CDN Disadvantages:

The cost occupies the entire disadvantage statement of CDN. Along with the cost, there are factors where you can have a look to take before CDN.

You are not required to use CDN if the visitors are local.

CDN may kill your website if the consistency of images and text are more.

Confirm whether your business moves rapidly like giving you more profit and scale your business.

And at last, here comes the budget. Are you in a situation to afford CDN?

Once if you are satisfied with the above-listed scenarios then you are ready to use CDN. Now, what gives you more in Cloudflare? You might be a new CDN user and so, you will have more doubts. Just go through Cloudfare for the first appearance. If you choose the free plan then you will have facilities like data centers of 155, overall CDN access globally, SSL certificate, and DDoS attack protection.

Let us explain in detail:

CDN (Content delivery network): By counting into 75 countries, Cloudflare has 155 data centers. CDN will cache the static website to display the website as fast to the visitor. It helps you to reduce the latency by displaying the website faster than expected.

Optimization of the website: To optimize your website Cloudflare give you more feature like GZIP, minification of file, TLS 1.3, and HTTP/2 optimization.

DNS: Cloudflare takes pride to give the fastest and largest network of DNS around the world and also it includes a market share of 37% to handle DNS domains. It is also recognized as a DNS provider by analyzing the speed of milliseconds speed query.

Balancing the load: What about load balance and geo-steer? Yes! Cloudflare takes a turn to analyze the region geographically close to them by balancing the load, health score of the website, and geo-steer too!

Routing Argo smart: The analyses have taken to enroute 35% of latency reduction and 27% of errors in connection are solved rapidly. It is well said as Cloudflare's reliable path.

Railgun: It uses the technique called leverages by counting up to 99.6% uncatchable site where Railgun compresses it. Later, you can observe 200% of the result in performance alone.

Stream: The streaming technology delivers features like CDN global deliveries, customized player, encode, and video storage.

DNSSEC: Consider like the internet phone book is DNS and web ID is recollected as DNSSEC. However, the traffic exists it should redirect to the exact server right!

WAF (Web application firewall): WAF starts the analysis and blocks the specifications like rulesets of customers, OWASP top 10, and vulnerabilities of layers.

SSL/TLS: Offers SSL certificate free for all users.

Overall, before hiring CDN take a look at all advantages and disadvantages in detail. Choose CDN depends upon the website location and the content will be displayed faster you’re your expectation or not. So, do a great analysis of CDN before making the decision!
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