A Complete Guide to Adding 360 Degree Images to Your WordPress Website

A Complete Guide to Adding 360 Degree Images to Your WordPress Website

360-degree images are a great way to allow web visitors to experience something virtually. They can view an image from all angles and learn more about it. If you run a WordPress website or blog, you can add such images to your web properties too. In this article, learn how to add 360-degree images to your WordPress website.

Add Interactive Images using the Algori 360 Image Plugin

WordPress has plugins for all sorts of tasks. You can install these plugins and enhance the functionality of your website.

While you can add static pictures to your website directly using the media upload tool, you’d need a plugin to add 360-degree images. And that plugin is the Algori 360 Image plugin. It’s a free plugin and allows website owners to explore the possibilities of virtual reality.

The plugin will add a new block to the block editor. And you can use it to add the interactive images.

Here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Install and Active the Algori 360 Image Plugin
The first thing you need to do is install the said plugin. It’s available for free on the WordPress plugin directory page. Search for it and click on the ‘Install’ button. After the installation process, you need to activate it. So do the necessary and move onto the next step.
  • Create a new post or open an existing one
Now that the plugin is installed and ready to be used, let’s use it to add interactive images. For that, you need to create a new post where you’d like to upload the image. Or you can open an existing post to add the image.

Now, once the post is open, click on the ‘+’ button in the post edit screen. Here add a new block button and then the 360-degree image block.

Your block is ready to be used.
  • Upload the interactive image
Now, click on the ‘Upload’ button to upload the 360-degree interactive image from your computer to the website. Or you can drag and drop the image directly from your computer folder onto the website.

Depending on the size of the image and the internet connection speed, the upload process may take some time.

Once the image is uploaded, publish the post and you’ll see the interactive image on the blog post. Click on the image to view it in virtual reality mode.

Algori 360 Image is not the only plugin available for this purpose. You can consider using other alternatives like WP VR – 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Creator for WordPress or the SR Product 360° View.

So that’s how you add 360-degree images to your WordPress website.
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