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    How to check PHP version of your of your website via SSH?

    If you are working on PHP and want to immediately know the version of PHP version. Then you should know the command as you are in terminal right now. We all know we have to enter the commands in terminal to work. There is simple command from which we can know the current PHP version. php –v...
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    How to find the Wordpress Post ID manually?

    If you are working on post and want to know the post ID then you can follow below steps: Login to wordpress dashboard. Now navigate to Posts >> All Posts Now you can hover the mouse to the post and at the bottom left corner you will see the link in which you can get the post ID too. Also you...
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    How to find the Post ID in Wordpress Database?

    You can easily find the post ID in database with below steps: Login to cpanel. Click on phpmyadmin under database section. Now click on particular database and you will find the table with name wp-posts. You will see all the data of your wordpress post and here will you will see the post ID...
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    How can we change timezone of your PHP website?

    If your server timezone is different and you are getting issue in your PHP script then you can simply solve this issue at your end. You just have to create php.ini file in your account and add single line of code. Login to cpanel. Click on “File manager” under “Files”. Navigate to public_html...
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    What is inode limit in cpanel?

    Inodes are the number of files available in your account. The files can be emails, files, folders, images, logs etc. Everything in your account will be called as Inodes, you have to confirm with your hosting providers about your Account’s Inode Limit. If your account’s inode limit reached then...
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    Steps to install Wordpress through Softaculous

    We always install wordpress manually but its little bit time consuming, cpanel provides an option to install all the applications easily. We can use softaculous Apps installer to install wordpress in cpanel. You can install your application with one click. You can follow below steps: Login to...
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    Steps to install phpBB

    PhpBB is a platform to connect small or large group of people. PhpBB is a open source bulletin board system which is mostly used worldwide. You can follow below steps to install phpBB: Login to cpanel. Click on “Softaculous Apps Installer” under “Software” section. Now you have to search for...
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    A Complete Guide to Fixing the Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress

    Managing a WordPress website can be challenging. The errors that you may encounter are endless. And some of them can be too intimidating. One of those errors is the “Destination Folder Already Exists” error. There are multiple reasons behind this error, because of which it becomes even more...
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    Solving the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

    WordPress at certain times throws the 502 Bad Gateway Error. It can be frustrating when you’re getting an error message while trying to access something important or urgent. There are several ways to solve this error, which takes a few minutes. In this article, find top 10 ways to fix the 502...
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    How to login into VPS server using PuTTY?

    If you have you VPS server and want to work on it then you have to use Putty, it helps in making secure connection between your local computer and your VPS server. First you have to download the software and install it in your computer. Now in next steps you have to configure putty and for that...
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    Track delivery in cpanel

    You can check your emails delivery in cpanel with below steps: Login to cpanel. Here click on “Track Delivery” option under “Email” section. Now you will get all the search options like show deferred, Show Successes, Show Failures and show in progress etc. You can filter delivery report...
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    How can we check ModSecurity logs in cpanel?

    ModSecurity is an Apache module which provides protection to your website and stop hackers activity. In ModSecurity there are set of rules available which helps to filter the exploits. If you want to check logs in cpanel then you can follow below steps: Log in cpanel. Here under “Metrics”...
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    How to use cPanel for changing the email address of WordPress from phpMyAdmin?

    Have you ever heard of deactivating your email address as a login method? In nearly every WordPress security tutorial, a WordPress expert will emphasize the danger of signing in using an email address. You can only use your username if you've applied. Your WordPress website's email address may...
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    How will you troubleshoot WordPress Site for disabling troublesome by using cPanel?

    Have you ever noticed your website displaying strange error pages or eating up disc space? If you did, you may put it on maintenance mode. So, if your website is causing issues with the server, you should disable it. Let's assume your users are seeing a lot of error pages, but you keep the site...
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    How to check error logs in cpanel?

    You can check below steps to check error logs : Login to cpanel. Click on “File Manager” under “Files” section. Now open the website folder like public_html and here you will find log file with name error_log.