Websites need Traffic and Search Engines are one of the most reliable as well as major source of Traffic. Website Owners / Developers always look for SEO Tips along with SEO Plugins so that they can attract more traffic towards their WordPress Sites. In the following text some of the best WordPress SEO Plugins are detailed so that you can easily improve SEO of your WordPress Site.

1. Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin : If you want the most popular WordPress SEO Plugin then you should download the Yoast's WordPress SEO Plugin. This Plugin allows the users to Add SEO Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords to each and every Page / Post of your WordPress site. It also allows the users to write Custom Title for Archives, Category, Main Site and Tag Pages. This Plugin adds Open Graph Meta Data, Ping Search Engines, Twitter Cards and Sitemaps if you ever update your WordPress Site.

You can also use "Snippet Preview" to see that how will your Page / Post will look in Search Results. This Plugin not only increases your site's ranking but also increase the number of clicks. Some of the amazing features of this Plugin are Page Analysis, Technical WordPress SEO, XML Sitemaps, Meta & Link Elements, RSS Optimization, Social Integration, Multi-site Compatibility, Import & Export Function etc. You can easily install this Plugin within WordPress or Manually.

2. Google Keyword Planner : Google (The Search Engine) knows all about the things that are people searching thus Keywords tips from Google are the best tips to get Traffic via Search Engines. Google Keyword Planner Tool gives the best keyword ideas from Google itself. Google’s Advertisers gets this tool for free and anyone can use it with ease. This helps the Google Advertisers to choose the perfect Keywords by offering the users an Analysis about Difficulty Level, Estimation of Search Volume and Number of Search Results. A Website owner can use this tool to get Keywords that have High Advertiser Interest and High Search Volume as it will improve your site's ranking above all other sites.

3. : When it's about Free Keyword Research Tool then Keyword Tool is the best among all. This tool allows the users to generate amazing keywords by just typing, these keywords comes from Google’s Auto Suggest Function thus these are just like a treasure of details & information. Google's Suggestions means you will get the most searched keywords and then you can use them to get traffic for your website. Keyword Tool is very quick & free thus you can easily use it for optimization of the content of your WordPress Site. Apart from Google, Keyword Tool allows the users to get keyword tips App Store, Bing and YouTube.

Apart from these three most popular Plugins & Tools, some more Plugins & Tools which can be used for WordPress SEO are SEMrush, Open Site Explorer, LinkPatrol, Broken Link Checker, Rel NoFollow Checkbox, SEOquake, SEO Smart Link WordPress Plugin, SEO Friendly Images, Google XML Sitemap Plugin etc.
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