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WooCommerce Email Preview and Testing process

When doing customization in WooCommerce Emails, it's important to judge the appearance before publishing it. So, by previewing the WooCommerce emails you can conclude the looks from the customer's point of view. This process helps to assure that the mail sent will not end up in spam but directly reaches the inbox of the customer.

It is not an easy process for running a WooCommerce store just because you should have a professional touch in updates on orders and receipts. Of course! Brand recognition is very important to figure out the appearance and words in emails. Preview helps to sort the looks issue more than sending the pages for testing many times.

Go to WooCommerce and then select “Settings”. Now, choose “Emails” for previewing the layout, dummy text, and template. Use the plugin to preview the WooCommerce emails and then make sure that all the WooCommerce emails are delivered to the customer end or not. It’s because WordPress where has lower optimization to deliver the emails.

Preview Process:

Step 1:
Search the plugin “Preview E-mails for WooCommerce” in the dashboard and then do the installation. Activate the plugin and then go to “WooCommerce” to select “preview emails”.

Step 2: Now, a drop-down menu will be displayed with more options. Tap “Choose email” and then choose the WooCommerce email to preview.

Step 3: This time you need select one more option from the drop-down menu such as “Choose order”. The information you give will be visible in the preview.

In case, the preview wasn’t visible means try searching “Search Orders”.

Now, do a trial test by choosing the email address, and product and enter the email address where it should be delivered. This process is testing.

When you are about to do a preview don’t enter the email address in the field “Mail to” directly tap on the “submit” button.

You will get displayed with the preview option now.

Testing Process:

This step is to confirm whether your customers are receiving the email or not.

Search the plugin “WP Mail SMTP” and try the free version for an easy process. You have all the basic settings and deliverability. Also, try using “WP Mail SMTP Pro” for testing WooCommerce emails.

Step 1: You have more features in the pro version such as full control, email delivery logs, and support based on priority.

Step 2: Once activation is done, start configuring with the plugin “SMTP mailing service”.

Step 3: Now install and configure “WP Mail SMTP”. Start testing the email.

In WP Mail SMTP, choose “Tools” only so, you can view the testing page. Enter the email address in the field “Send to” and then tap on the button “send email”.

By now, you will receive the email in your inbox!
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