Do you ever have experience with this kind of issue? Yes, this issue arises, when you open an E-Mail account in C-Panel. At that instance, you may surprise that, E-Mail account may exist, but not appears in cPanel. This is mainly because of the fact that, cPanel cannot show up the lists of E-Mail accounts as it has E-Mail accounts only as blank page and not as domain. This is due to the amount of cache, temp files and etc present in the cPanel.

General Solution:

One can remove the cPanel directory inside path /home/cpaneluser/. This is the optimal way among some other ways to resolve this problem. There is nothing to bother about cPanel directory. At the next time, it will create automatically while one loads the account of cPanel. Rather than this, there is an alternative way. If the E-Mail account present, but you cannot see that in the lists of cPanel, and for this problem you can also use the command lines.

Lists of Command Lines:

# /home/$user/etc/$domain/passwd
# /home/$user/etc/$domain/shadow
These command lines checks for the ownership.

The cPanel E-Mail addresses page loads the list of E-Mail users from two files in /home/[cpaneluser]/.cpanel/, email_accounts.cache and email_accounts.yaml. If these files are not there, cPanel will generate these files automatically.

/home/[cpaneluser]/.cpanel/email_accounts_count may have the number of email accounts. If these files are removed, cpanel may not show the email account.

When will you get error message?

In some cases, if you attempt to add e-mail account from cpanel, you may get an error message as “The Email Account Already Exists”. In these instances, you are required to visit existing email accounts lists in order to check whether email account you are trying to search is exist or not.

Are you eager to know the reason behind why cpanel protects you from adding non-existing email account? Here is your solution. Sometimes, though email account exists in cpanel, it may not appear in the list. However, now I am going to share you about solution for these both problems. As the error occurs, you can understand that, this is due to the reason that, you may attempt to add existing email account. There is other reason. You may try to delete email account at the earliest stage. This might seem as physically removed, but it may leave in the log and config files.

Follow these steps in order to resolve this problem.
  • Log in into Linux machine via SSH as root user.
  • Move to the path /home/domainco/mail/
  • Locate and remove email account folder.
  • As same, move to the path /home/domainco/etc/
  • Open passwd file with editor on your own option. Remove email account entry from the file and save that email account.
An Alternative Way:

Initially check whether you have used the whole email address. This includes domain name. Additionally check the name of server which handles email. It may look like domain is not configured with email in the right way. If the email server supported by your domain does not support email, cpanel will not work. Therefore, you can create email with email server which is supported by your domain so that, cpanel shows you lists of emails.
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