Why 403 forbidden error occurs and how to resolve this ?

Why 403 forbidden error occurs and how to resolve this ?

403 forbidden error occurs when you try to access any particular folder or file and permission denied for that due to misconfiguration. In this condition, if you are a system administrator you need to check your all logs. 403 forbidden error shown in different browser with a different reason. Some common errors are below.
  • "Forbidden: You don't have permission to access file/folder on this server.
  • "403 Forbidden"
  • "HTTP 403"

Few points that cause 403 Forbidden Error:

A user can only browse that files which are available on his website rather than this no other user can access these file unless the user doesn't allow.

An accessing website file of one user is forbidden for other. Like if any user or client try to access file with no privileges browser will show error 403

File directory permission:

403 errors also accrued when your directory or file has no permission. Always set 755 permission for your directories and 644 for your files and all the Executable scripts in cgi-bin folder have 755 permission. All the media files, text files, images should be 755 or 644.

If any file and folder permission set as 000 then it will occur 403 Forbidden error.

Sometimes we are getting 403 errors but file permission is set as 755 and 644. In that case, you have to check your .htaccess file in your root folder.

Allow/Deny Access to Your Website using .htaccess Files:

WebPages are those pages which we hosted on your server. There are so many problems which restrict to a user to access your URL or website. There are so many options are available like .htaccess file with that you can change the limit access of few folder and files.
  • You can deny access from any other IP through .htaccess file. It will show 403 error when other users try to access it.
  • You can also give access to few IP’s with to access your file or website with .htaccess file.
  • Allow all IP’s to see your all files and website. It’s a by default setting.
  • Deny all IP’s to view all type of “.jpeg ” files of your website. It will disallow all the .jpeg files to access from anywhere.
Some websites which are default authenticated and when we try to access them with no password it will show 403 Forbidden. These all settings can be done by .htaccess file through your CPanel.
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