What is XCache? How Do I Enable or Disable XCache via cPanel- Linux?

What is XCache? How Do I Enable or Disable XCache via cPanel- Linux?

XCache is a fast and stable PHP code cacher which has proved for its best and currently running on production servers under high load. It has undergone testing on LINUX and it has proved to be the flexible one since it supports all latest PHP. This has thread safe feature. XCache can overcome some problems found with other opcachers which are able to run with new PHP versions. However, it is important for everyone to create account to access XCache. One should not forget to verify the email. So do not forget to involve in the process of email verification. XCache is open source opcode cacher which means that it speeds up the performance of PHP on servers. While doing file bug reports, be sure to submit patches to both APC bug report system and truck-mmcache and interact with zoeloelip.

There are reasons to write XCache as a substitute for APC or EA.
  • Opcode catcher is the most effective feature of XCache.
  • Running a project is not such simple. One has to become a project admin and should design how the project should move forward and pre-identify the costs and benefits.
How to Test XCache?

Through this, one can come to know about the portions of PHP applications should be tested with XCache.

Manual Test:

Manual test is performed on both versions called PHP 5.x and PHP 4.x.

PHP 5.x:

Some of the testing objects are given below,
  • Gallery 2
  • Media Wiki
  • Doku Wiki
  • Flux CMS
  • Cowiki
  • Symfony Framework
  • Prado Framework
  • PHP My Admin
  • Serendipity
What is Help testing?

Follow the below options in order to get Help Testing.
  • One should join and perform own tests.
  • One has to prove that the Software XCache version should be changed.
  • It should be Open Source and should not require binary only extensions like Zend Optimizer and Ioncube.
How to Enable and disable XCache Via cPanel?

Check whether you are using the directive “/etc/cl.selector/php.conf file on the server to manage the feature via cPanel directives. Do not forget to en sure whether the file contains the proper directive.

Give as below,
Directive = xcache.cacher
Comment=Enable or disable opcode cacher
How to find whether it is disabled?

Range=0.50 M to 100 M.
Comment=Total amount of memory used for opcode caching. If it is set to 0, then opcode caching is set to be disabled.
Comment=Do stat(), this is to check if caching setting is updated
How to Find whether the XCache is Installed?

It is very simple to find out if the XCache is installed or not in the server.

Features of XCache:

XCache always has some advantages.
  • It offers Optimized opcode cache. APC and accelerator are called good opcode caches.
  • It uses generator to produce C Code and thus reduces human errors.
  • It runs stable on PHP 4.3, 4.4, 5.1 and 5.2.
  • XCache is tested on all latest PHP versions. The cacher protection prevents the cache from being corrupted by PHP core extension.
  • XCache uptime statistics collector shows the stability of XCache version.
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