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What is Jetbackup and how to take backup from Jetbackup in cpanel?

What is Jetbackup and how to take backup from Jetbackup in cpanel?

Usually, the hackers used to run their ethics in terms of remote mode to access the user’s server. So, the first step we need to take backup at regular intervals and then we can search the way to get rid of hacker’s possibilities. Here, jetbackup is the best source to process out backup with proper rights and backup access. With this software, you cannot take the copy of the website so no way to download the website rights.

According to jetbackup, they setup with 7 to 21 restoration points for a night. But there was a usual concept to keep only one point for restoration. Go to cPanel and then click on files and start taking the backup by clicking on the backup option.

How can you use jetbackup to take backup?

Here, you can use the jetbackup in three types such as backup for database, backup for file and backup for full account.

Backup for Database:

With the help of jetbackup, you can use to restore any type of database whenever you can. You can view the database backup time and restore time too. Once if you done with the file backup proces and so, proceed with the backup for database. Its a simple technique doesnt hurt your database section. You can see the restored version as the first time reviewed.

Backup for files:

For an instance, you might be in an situation to change the files to the new hosting server from the corrupted server (disaster server). In this case, you need to take the backup of files then and then only so, it would be easy for you to upload folders and files in new hosting server. You can view the time and date for last done backup. Before doing database backup kindly take the backup for files its a prior process.

Backup for full account:

Using the jetbackup, its an easy task to take backup for full account. Moreover, the cPanel format will be same for the jetbackup format. You may need to change the package of cPanel while performing the jetbackup full account process. You have an major disadvantage on this part because the self –server access point is holded and so, permitting option is stopped. In this case, you couldnt do restoration for your personal account. You can contact the jetback team for more guidance.
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