What is "FTP Error: 530 user cannot log in home directory inaccessible”? Why it occurs? How to resol

What is "FTP Error: 530 user cannot log in home directory inaccessible”? Why it occurs? How to resol

If you are working with FTP and during FTP sessions, servers perform two operations send and receive number of codes to/from FTP clients. These various codes are operated by FTP servers/clients. While working with code so there may be an Error during the sending or receiving data is called FTP Error. One of these errors is what is "FTP Error: 530 users cannot log in home directory inaccessible", Now we are going to learn, Why it occurs? How to resolve it so get ready to learn and solve your error if you get kind of error with your FTP.

What is "FTP Error: 530 users cannot log in home directory inaccessible"

FTP is a standard format network protocol which is used to transfer data from one host to another. FTP client sends normal Username and Password called Login details. When a client wants to login so these are the process to client - server connection establishment.

1. First client sends a DNS query for domain name to get the FTP server IP address.

2. Then it responds back with the IP address.

3. Here FTP client and server finish these way handshake process.

4. Server sends a 220 response to inform that the server is now ready to get accept a login.

5. Then FTP client use Username to send by USER command, and send Password using PASS command.

6. FTP Server process to verify to given login information.

7. IF client sent the correct detail they server shows a welcome message.

8. FTP client requests a directory listing.

9. FTP server transfers the requested listing.

There are many errors while working with FTP and we get this FTP Error: 530 users cannot log in home directory inaccessible mostly.

Why it occurs?

It is clear that error come due to wrong operation performed so here we are learning "Why it occurs" means first we have to identify actual what is the reason then we can solve it.

After this login detail, If user unable to login, so you may receive given error message to client:

Status: Resolving address of ftp.xxxxx.com

Status: Connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:21...

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...>

Response: 220 Microsoft FTP Service

Command: USER Administrator

Response: 331 Password required for Administrator.

Command: PASS ***************

Response: 530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.

Error: Critical error

Error: Could not connect to server

This is the most cases, you will get kind of this error occurs many times only when authorization are not set.

How to resolve?

Is we know our ever code should be error free so if you have identified Why it occurred so here you are going to learn how to solve it and make the code at running state. So get ready for solve your issue.

1. First you need to login to the VPS via any remote desktop connection and please mind it should be as an Administrator user.

2. Open IIS [Start → Administrative Tools → Internet Information Service].

3. Expand Sites option from left pane.

4. Here you are able to see a Default FTP Site in site list, expand this website.

5. Here you need to double click on FTP Authorization Rules option at the center pane.

6. Click On Add Allow Rule from the right pane

7. Here you can see the option of All Users so select it and tick the check box of Write and Read permission.

8. Finally click on OK button to save the changes and Restart FTP services to reflect them.

You have done all the step just restart and if everything goes correct so you can work fine.
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