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What is CSR ? How to generate CSR code using cpanel?

What is CSR?

CSR is abbreviated as certificate signing request. Whenever, you want to use SSL certificate to protect your website in that case you will get an updated code. This process can be done by individual user or any company who will be hosting your website. This code is generated with the help of server and so, server takes the responsibility to install the SSL certificate.

You may ask a question where the code is submitted?

The code is submitted and generated by certificate authority. The CSR has set of information such as CN (common name), L (locality), S (State), C (country), O (organization), OU (organization unit) and email address.
In this article, we are going to learn about how to generate CSR article in terms of cPanel help:

Step 1: Use your login details such as username and password to login. Search for security section and from that select SSL/TLS.


Step 2: After clicking SSL/TLS option, you have many choices listed below. Choose certificate signing
(CSR). Below CSR option, you have three choices where you can generate, view and delete.

Step 3: To generate CSR, click on that option such as generate a new 2048-bit key. From your end, you have to enter few information such as domains, city, state, country, company, company division, email, passphrase and description.

Domains: SSL will be activated a common name, by entering the qualified domain. Asterisk in front of the domain is used to represent all wildcard certificate. Creating user CSR code for multiple domains, you have to enter each domain in a new line.

City: User need to provide city name, avoid abbreviations.
State: User need to provide state name.
Country: There is a drop list, opt the country name.
Company: User need to provide the Officially registered name of their business; Certificate Authorities will verify the organization for the Organization and extended validation certificates. NA is used to which do not have any organization registered.

Company Division: User need to provide details of division within the organization.
E-mail: User need to provide e-mail address.
Passphrase: It is another set of verification parameter which certifies the identity of a certificate requester.
Description: User need to add keywords which will help the user to locate particular CSR easily in the list.

Step 4: Once you entered all the information kindly click on the generate button. Your CSR code will be generated and activate the CSR code.

Now, its easy for you to generate CSR code. It might take only few seconds to generate a CSR code. Many used to say, it’s a big deal! Please don’t mind it and begin your work easily!
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