What is cPanel? How to use it for hosting a website?

cPanel and use it for hosting a website.

  1. Bhawani Singh
    What is cPanel?

    If you are getting the services of web hosting for your website, you always want to manage your hosting account according to your requirements. It is very important for the website owners to have control panel to manage the hoisting account. In the cPanel, you can manage every element of your hosting account like Files, DNS records, Email accounts, Domains, sub-domains, redirection, etc. Most of the web hosting providers companies provides control panel features to customers for better management and tracking of website.

    Things you can do with cPanel:

    The control panel of hosting provides a lot of features and facilities to the owners of websites. Some of the important features of the cPanel are given as below:

    1). Connect domain names to your Website:
    By using the control panel, you can easily connect the domain names to your website. This service is available in all types of hosting services. You can add various domain names to your web hosting by using the cPanel.

    2). Set up emails for your site:
    The emails are used to connect to the customers and users of website. The website owners can easily set up the emails to use on website by using the cPanel. You can use various email services for it.

    3). Install WordPress:
    To easily manage the content of website, you will need top CMS. WordPress is a very good option for the owners of websites. The website owners can easily install the WordPress or any other content management system by using the control panel.

    4). Back up your website:
    Every website has very important data on it and it always needs back up for security reasons. The owners of website can make the back up of entire data of website. You can choose the data which you want to save as back up.

    5). Upload the files:
    The websites like eCommerce or any multimedia website need regular updates. The owners need to update the content and upload new files on regular bases. You can upload the required files easily by using cPanel.

    These are the main features of the control panel of hosting. You can also track the bandwidth usage of the website. You can change and manage the security setting of website and can install the helpful apps for the website.

    Log in to your cPanel account:

    If you are a first time user and want to use the control panel of your website, you will need the user name and password for it. These account details are provided by the web hosting service providers. When you will enter the user name and password to log in to your hosting account, you will get two options. One is to enter the control panel and other is to enter to website. You will choose the first option to access your control panel. You can also enter your web address in to search bar of browser to access the cPanel. You need to follow the address by :2082 or :2083. It is the fastest way to access the control penal of website.

    Know about the interface of cPanel:

    When you will open the cPanel of website, you will see the home page interface of control panel. You can change the looks and design of cPanel. In the home interface of control panel, you will get following features:

    Search bar: On the top position of cPanel, you will find the search bar. In this search bar, you can find any function of cPanel. You just need to type the keyword of function which you want to access in control panel. Then you will be able to access that feature directly.

    Navigation bar: You will get the navigation bar feature on top right corner of the screen. You can use the navigation bar for following tasks:

    Search features: The search feature of navigation bar acts same as the search bar explained above. You can use this feature to search anything on any page of the website.

    Account management: With the account management features, you can easily change your password, website language, style or contact information. This is very important feature for the website. You can also reset the complete setting of website.

    You will get the important notifications about the critical risks or required updates on website.

    These are the features in navigation bar. You will also get the option to logout your account.

    Sidebar: You will also get a sidebar option, in which you will see various options in form of icons. In the sidebar, you will get a homepage icon which is used to access the homepage. Statistics icon is used to access important numbers like email accounts, FTP accounts and domain names. You will also get the options to access the dashboard of your account and user management options to add or remove new users of website.

    These are the basic features of cPanel in the website hosting. You can manage everything very easily by accessing the control panel. It gives you complete freedom to control your website.