Do you know what ClientTransferProhibited is? Quite interesting! If you are not aware about that statement let we explain with detailed process.

ClientTransferProhibited – the domain name status which implies that the domains are completely locked. You cannot transfer the domain. This will be under the process of ICANN domain names. You can come to the conclusion that if you get the statement “ClientTransferProhibited”- you cannot transfer the domain easily. To remove the statement, you have to unlock the domain name using the domain registrar.

Make the EPP more interesting from client side:

EPP is simple term abbreviation of Extensible provisioning protocol. This refers to the status code to the domain name. You can even say it as the status of your domain too. It is available for the entire domain. Exactly, you have one code to denote the status of each domain. You may also have more than one code to choose the domain name on your own.

It’s must to registrant to know the process of EPP in current and also in future. We are highly usable to understand the perfect EPP code for your domain. From the status code, you can find why your domains have stopped the actions. If at all you can think from other point, do any hackers are involved in your domain related process? You have two types of EPP code such as from client and server aspect. In this article you will be explained for the client end. The registrant has the permission to set the status code for the clients. Apart from the registrant, the clients are well-known to shift the domain names. They can solve it easily. But on other aspect, if the client doesn’t know to resolve this issue – he have to give request to the registrant to remove the block from the domain name.

Why the EPP helps from security purpose?

Sometimes, it will help you in cause of security reasons. The ClientTransferProhibited statement reveals that if the unknown person tried to move your domain without the permission from the domain registrant. He cannot do the domain transfer strictly. This kind of activities will be notified you by bringing the alerts that someone have tried to locate your domain name without your consistent permission. In same of clienttransferprohibited, there is another statement called “Clientupdateprohibited” used to alter the domain without your acknowledgment. For the security purpose, we have enabled it for 60 days to keep safe your domain from the hackers.

We recommend you to follow these steps mentioned below to remove the block of your domain.

Let’s see:

Step 1: Firstly login into your client area.

Step 2: Select the option “Domains” and choose particular domain.

Step 4: You will be listed with some options.

Step 5: In that choose “Registrar lock” and disable lock from here.

Note: Now you have removed the lock from the domain. You are free to shift your domain anywhere. This process is very simple and you can process without any guidance from others. Do your best!
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