One of the advanced mechanisms is Drupal, you are well known to support it! But simultaneously tools of Drupal too should be supportive. CMS are been modified then and there with new versions right! So, your server must have the mechanism to get adjust to the new versions. If not, you can’t use CMS for any cause. Simply go with Apache or PHP to get new options more and more.

The main purpose of Drupal is to have two priorities such as supporting new functionalities & features and protecting users from hackers. Developers play a big role here to enhance their work to support new versions at each interval. And then, your Internet plays the next role.

You are well known that outdated Drupal versions and outdated software versions will bring more problems to you like instability, failure in modules, hacking and malware. Your new version in Drupal helps to bring new features in the enhancement of MySQL, updates in Apache and improvements in PHP.

Requirements in System:

If your system has no power, Drupal takes the responsibility to update you while installation. If you going to do a PHP update, change the requirement in cPanel to fix the modification.

Check out the version of software installed recently using your account of web hosting. Go to the dashboard, and tap on the menu “server information” present on the right side of the display.

It shows below mentioned version with all specifications:

Requirements of Drupal 8:

  • With the help of Apache servers, Drupal runs along with Windows, OS X and Linux – Apache 2X and up
  • You can’t install Drupal 8 because its been waiting for the update of PHP 5.5.9
  • MySQL: 5.5.3
  • Memory Limit of PHP 64MB
Requirements of Drupal 7:
  • You can work on the platforms like Windows, OS X and Linux – Apache 1.3
  • You can use greater versions of PHP 5.3 or even more –PHP 5.2.5
  • MySQL 5.0.15
  • Memory Limit of PHP 32 MB
Requirement of Drupal 6:
  • You can use Linux, Windows and OS X for Apache 1.3
  • For security reasons, you must do an upgrade for using PHP 4.4 version
  • You can use from 8MB to 16 MB.
  • MySQL: 4.1
To avoid problems like hacking and malware we recommend you upgrade your system often. Don’t think so that your older versions are best to keep up your security.
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